Vidya’s add on course helps her fetch a job!

The faculty members of the MCA Dept were pleasantly surprised when they received a call from Liji A P, a student of MCA 2017 – 20 batch, telling them that she had got a placement as System Administrator at St Thomas College of Engineering and Technology, Shivapuram, Kannur, and that she had got the offer only because she had produced a certificate of an add-on course she had attended in Vidya. The course was titled “Web Hosting Management” and what made the Dept more proud of it was that it was a course conceptualised, designed and implemented by the faculty of the Dept with support from the Centre for Continuing Education of Vidya. The faculty members involved in the design and delivery of the course were Mr Sajay K R and Mr Dijesh P, Associate Professors  in the Dept.

It was indeed a proud moment for the MCA Dept and the CCE of Vidya. It was also a recognition for the CCE of Vidya.

Read report on the launching of the course on “Web Hosting Management”

A brand new add-on course from MCA Dept