VIBE 2021: Helping plus-two students write maths exam better

As part of Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering 2021 (VIBE 2021), Vidya organised a session on mathematics for Plus-Two students with the theme “Strategies for Cracking Plus-Two Exam”. Mathematics is a traditionally regarded as a difficult subject for Plus-Two students and, this year, the students are not well prepared for writing the exam due to the Covid situation. Therefore, in order to help the students to prepare better,  Vidya’s Initiative for Better Engineering (VIBE-2021) organised a special mathematics session for them.

The class was conducted on 30 March 2021 via the ZOOM Platform between 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM. Around 200 students participated in the event.

The resource person

The resource person for the session was Mr Anup Narayanan, who has about 15 years of experience in teaching mathematics. He explained a quick and focused study method and elaborated the key areas in which students should go through. He explained the key areas such as functions, continuity, calculus and Mean Value Theorems.

What is special about mathematics?

Special thing about Maths is that it does not really exist except in our minds. It is a purely abstract system which humanity has conjured up with its imagination. Maths is to science what language is to literature. Maths is a super awesome tool that helps humans to understand natural phenomena. Maths is ultimately a human creation. Learning maths and teaching maths is entirely different. Effective teachers of mathematics create purposeful learning experiences for students through solving problems in relevant and meaningful contexts. Teaching through problem solving, however, means that students learn mathematics through real contexts, problems, situations, and models. Mr Anup Narayanan succeeded in making the students  have a learning experience in a simple manner.