Breaking news: AICTE awards Vidya’s V-THINC Rs one lakh under SPICES Scheme

AICTE awards Vidya’s V-THINC Rs one lakh under SPICES Scheme!

That is is indeed a great news and a great morale booster for all those involved in taking interest in nurturing talents among newly admitted students. And it is definitely a feather the cap of Vidya’s much loved and much respected Dean-Academics Dr Sudha Balagopalan as she was the main driving force in setting up the Minor Research and Projects Club which was a grouping of students of the newly admitted B Tech students of Vidya. The Club which was launched some three years ago was christened as V-THINC (Vidya’s Talking, Hearing & Integrating kNowledge Club) in November 2020.

Now, with the grant of Rs one lakh by AICTE under the SPICES scheme (Scheme for Promoting Interests, Creativity and Ethics among Students) the club has obtained much deserved official recognition! Congratulations to Dr Sudha Balagopalan and also to Mr Amal Ganesh (AP, CSE Dept), the Co-coordinator of the Club, for all the work they had put in to secure this very prestigious recognition.

An extract from the AICTE order sanctioning the grant

Prof A S Rao launches V-THINC