“Stay home, stay safe!”

A second wave of the deadly Covid – 19 pandemic has struck Kerala and the number of new cases of the Covid infection is increasing exponentially and, if appropriate precautionary and safety instructions and guidelines are strictly followed, every individual – high or low, man or woman, young or old, rich or poor – is at the risk of getting infected with the virus with a rapidly increasing probability of being consumed by the virus. Nobody can remain complacent in the false belief that he/she will not be affected. It is imperative that all strictly follow all the instructions issued by the authorities in this regard to protect ourselves, our dearest ones, and all in society. The Editorial Team of News & Events appeals all in the Vidya family to remain united in their resolve to fight the corona virus by strictly following the safety guidelines. We will definitely defeat and overcome the pandemic, but if we all work together we can overcome it much, much sooner.