Five EEE students successfully complete online course developed by UNEP

Five S6 B Tech EEE students successfully completed the online course on “Nature Based Solution for Disaster and Climate Resilience” developed by experts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) with support from the European Union, in collaboration with the SDG Academy and EdX Platform.

The course is about . . .

Nature offers many solutions for reducing the impacts from disasters and climate impacts. This may include protecting forests on steep slopes, maintaining sand dunes along coastlines, wetlands to buffer excess rainwater. These so-called ‘Nature- based solutions’ (NbS) are an important piece in the puzzle to building the resilience of households and communities to an ever-increasing number of disaster events around the world.

For years, experience and evidence on NbS from around the world has been growing. But many people – from policy makers, through to engineers and businesses – don’t yet know how NbS can help them solve the challenges they’re facing from events like floods, heatwaves, or droughts. These events affect the lives of millions of people every year.

So, what are ‘Nature-based solutions’, or NbS? How can they help build resilience to disasters and climate change impacts? Why is NbS relevant? How can I apply NbS in my work and everyday life?

In this online course, UNEP and environmental experts from around the world provide answers to those questions.

The students who completed the course:

  • Athulya S (S6 B Tech EEE A)
  • Amala M Sajan (S6 B Tech EEE A)
  • Devika Sasi P (S6 B Tech EEE A)
  • Newrul Hina P A (S6 B Tech EEE B)
  • Silpa P Kumar (S6 B Tech EEE B)