It started with a colourul Ranga Pooja!

Read a detailed report on the “Meet the Mentor” programme HERE.

They, the first year B Tech students of Vidya, presented a spirited, beautifully choreographed  dance performance as a Ranga Pooja on a virtual stage via the Zoom platform on two consecutive days, 1 and 2 July 2021! Ranga Pooja literally means offering of prayers to the stage (Ranga) and this  Ranga Pooja offered via the medium of dance was prayers for the successful completion of an international summit, “Meet the Mentors”, organised under the auspices of V-THINC club of Vidya with financial support from AICTE under the SPICES scheme.

The context was a programme to offer happy birthday wishes to Prof Biswa Nath Datta, Distinguished Research Professor, Northern Illinois University, USA. who had been a great well-wisher of Vidya ever since he came into contact with Vidya, through the efforts of Dr Sudha Balagopalan, in connection the organisation of EPSCICON 2010, the first ever international conference organised in Vidya.

The participants of the international summit on both days were enthralled with the Ranga Pooja dance perormance. The song selected for the performance was Lokam Muzhuvan Sukham Pakaraanay which is very contextual during the current Covid pandemic days. In the dance performance, the dancers, even though they were far apart, performed together with harmony and came to a single frame as a group performance.

The performers of the program were Vipanchika V S, Nandana  R Kumar, Angel Mary Rose, Akhila M, Pooja K S, Nandhana V R, Ayana Balan P, Adithya M S, Shruthi Sunil, Malavika Madhu, Evelina Rose Joju, Deva Priya, Sreelakshmi Jayadevan, Parvathy Haridas. The editing was done by Athulia T Rajesh. After getting a supervisory advice from Mr Anand E (TI, EEE Dept),  who is also a dance master and choreographer, the girls prepared well to present the dance form to offer prayers to the Gods of the virtual stage for the success of the international summit.

Watch the Ranga Pooja performance