CSE Dept bids farewell to Mr Ravishankar S

The CSE Dept of the College organised an informal online meeting to bid farewell to Mr Ravishankar S who recently quit his job as Assistant Professor in CSE Dept of the College. The farewell meeting was held on 24 July 2021. On behalf of all the faculty and staff of the Dept, Ms Jucy Vareed ( AP, CSE Dept) presented him a memento. Mr Ravishankar S had been relieved from his duties in the College with effect from 22 July 2021.

Mr Ravishankar S had joined the CSE Department of the College as a faculty member on 01Jume 2015. He has quit his job here to take up another assignment as Python Support Engineer (Senior Python Trainer and Developer) at Inmakes Infotech Pvt Ltd.