Useful products from waste jeans cloth: ME students implement a novel idea

The students of the ME Dept of Vidya developed a technology to easily make various useful products from old jeans cloth. The student’s invention would help to significantly reduce the use of plastic which poses a threat to the environment.

The first step in the process is to mix the denim material with epoxy resin. This mixture is stored in different shapes of dyes for two to three days so that different shapes can be obtained. This produces a denim epoxy solid composite material. The students made watch cases, pen stands, buttons for cloth, rings and knife handles by cutting the composite material with the help of CNC cutting machine.

The technology was developed by Sayooj P, Jomal Jees Johnson, Hrithik K Ajith and Muralikrishna P H, as part of their final year project. The project was guided by Mr Cinto P.A (AP, ME Dept) and Dr Rakesh Hari (Asso. prp, ME Dept) under the guidance of Dr N Ramachandran (Prof and Head, ME Dept).