Vidya’s PTA extends a helping hand to Covid-hit students

The Covid pandemic that is ravaging in India and especially severely in Kerala has affected financially several sections of the general population with  the drying up of the meager source of income  for millions of people. Recognising this and also that there are several students whose families were in dire financial straits due to the Covid pandemic situation, Vidya’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) decided to provide some financial assistance to  such students. The students of each class who needed help most were identified by the Group Tutors of the respective classes in consultation with Heads of Departments in a fully transparent way and the lists of these students were submitted to the PTA. From the lists submitted, the Executive Committee of  the PTA selected as many as 135 students for the award of the assistance. The PTA awarded assistance worth more than a total of Rs four lakhs to the selected students.