Vidya Talent Center signs Memorandum of Agreement with Polassery Foundation

The Vidya Talent Center (VTC) and Polassery Foundation signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on 13 September 2021. Sri Suresh Lal, Executive Director, VITC, signed the document on behalf of the Vidya Talent Center (VTC) and handed it over to Mr Anil Babu, Secretary, Polassery Foundation, Thrissur in the presence of Dr Kala Bharathan, (Head, VTC), Mr Sree Granesh V (CEO, Ganesh Technical Consultancy Services, (GTCS)), VTC Coordinators (Dr Abhilasha P S (CE), Mr Praveen A P (ME)) and the deputed students of Civil Engineering Department. The landscaping and infrastructure services of a newly constructed Geetanjali old-age home was completed by VTC and GTCS for Polassey Foundation.

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