Vidya moves into GTECH’s College Score Board highlight!

GTECH (Group of Technology Companies) is the industry body of Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management (BPM) organizations in Kerala. GTECH was established in 2001 and works closely with the Government of Kerala to promote the accelerated growth of the IT industry in the state. GTECH has a membership of more than 200 IT companies including international majors like Infosys, TCS, Tata, Elxsi, Wipro, Cognizant, Ernst & Young, Allianz Technology, UST Global, IBS, Quest Global, NeST, Qburst, Envestnet, and SunTec. It provided a platform for domain and technology companies from across the world for enterprise and strategic alliances with member organizations. To know more about the GTEC initiative, the partnering members, leadership team, the board members, etc. please visit:

Recently, GTECH tied up with APJAKTU for their (GTECH’s) campus connect initiative named “ATFG Framework” (Academia and Technology Focus Group Framework) hosted on the DISCORD platform. The ATFG framework is designed to guide students to become industry ready and is developed and maintained by GTECH. Through this forum GTECH aims to provide good internships and career opportunities for students. This is expected to be a recruitment platform to hand-pick fresh talent from the campus.

At Vidya, the initiatives are led by faculty members who are the key enablers. Faculty members can register as “Enablers” who are the key drivers of this engagement by way of contributing to the engagement, hosting local events, mentoring, guiding, and supporting the students. This academic year the faculty coordinators designated to guide and mentor the students are Ms Ayana Ajith (AP, CSE Dept) and Ms Aswathy M R (AP, CSE Dept). Our student ambassadors for the year are Aadithye N, Guruprasad S, Joshna Joshy under the able guidance of Cyril Thomas, who is designated as North Zone Head. On the student leader board is Uma V Menon, who has also put in a lot of effort and valuable contributions to the program. Their dedicated and coordinated efforts have enabled Vidya to be in the College Score Board highlight list.

Congratulations to the enablers, ambassadors, and to all active students!

GTECH college scoreboard as of 28-Sep-21