Another great campus recruitment news: 27 students placed with Quest Global

Placements in

Another great campus recruitment news: As many as 27 Vidya students have been offered placements in Quest Global, a company head-quartered in Singapore!

Quest Global is a product engineering company which is into aero-engines, aerospace, defense, medical devices, oil and gas, power, and transportation verticals. Quest Global was founded in 1997 and has offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Romania, Japan, and India. For more details, please visit:

Congratulations to all the placed students from the 2022 pass out batch!

1 Archana KP B. Tech CSE-A
2 Chethana Nandan B. Tech CSE-A
3 Darwin P Sunny B. Tech CSE-A
4 Harisankar MM B. Tech CSE-A
5 Madhav Vinod B. Tech CSE-B
6 Niranjana R B. Tech CSE-B
7 Nishrin Noushad B. Tech CSE-B
8 Noorul Ameen B. Tech CSE-B
9 Pranav Kuruppath B. Tech CSE-B
10 Sharma Radhika Ramesh B. Tech CSE-B
11 Simna Ashraf B. Tech CSE-B
12 Sivan AN B. Tech CSE-B
13 Sooraj R B. Tech CSE-B
14 Sreelakshmi TS B. Tech CSE-B
15 Vishnupriya PS B. Tech CSE-B
16 Anjali S Kumar B. Tech ECE-A
17 Bhagyalakshmi MR B. Tech ECE-A
18 Devika KH B. Tech ECE-A
19 Harinarayanan NN B. Tech ECE-B
20 Navya Joshy B. Tech ECE-B
21 Sagar MS B. Tech ECE-B
22 Salma PS B. Tech ECE-B
23 Cyrus Paulson B. Tech EEE-A
24 Muhammed Shahin B. Tech EEE-B
25 Lishell Rapheal MCA MCA
26 Manju PA MCA MCA
27 Shejila K MCA MCA