eSpiderZ Kerala challenge unmasks a few hidden talents

For a second time, MCA Dept’s eSpiderZ website creation challenge crawled out of Vidya and traveled to all parts of Kerala.

eSpiderZ Kerala 2020

“eSpiderZ” is an annual website creation competition conducted by the MCA Dept of the College. The Dept has been organising this contest without break for the last ELEVEN years. The contest is open to only the MCA students of VIdya. As a serious creative activity for the youngsters of Kerala during the COVID-19 induced lock down, the Dept decided to open up the contest to a wider cross-section of students with attractive cash prizes, and participation and appreciation certificates.

In 2020, the Dept rebranded the contest as “eSpiderZ-Kerala” and opened it up to all undergraduate students studying in Kerala. There was good response to the challenge a large number of students registered for the competition. The contest was to create a website using Google Sites on any theme chosen by the participant. The awarded cash prizes of Rs.5000 (First), Rs.3000 (Second) and Rs.2000 (Third). All registered participants who submited an entry were awarded Appreciation Certificates.

eSpiderZ Kerala 2021

This year, the MCA Dept conducted a second edition of the challenge under the title “eSpiderZ Kerala 2021”. The structure and format was exactly identical to those of the challenge conducted in 2020. As part of the challenge, a workshop on website creation was conducted. The response this year was also overwhelming.

Out of the submitted entries five entries were shortlisted and the Organising Committee conducted an interactive session with the creators of the shortlisted entries. The Committee decided to share the second and third prizes among two contestants each.

The winners and their websites
First Prize
Second Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Third Prize
Aswathy P P

(Nirmala College of Arts And Science, Chalakudy)

Navya Biju

(St. Mary’s College, Thrissur)

Jubit Pincy

(St. Mary’s College, Thrissur)

Suraj S S

(College of Engineering, Attingal)

Ambady Krishnan

(IGNOU Sree Keralavarma College Study Centre, Thrissur)

Website Website Website Website Website

Prize winners of eSpiderZ Kerala 2020

MCA Dept’s all-Kerala website creation challenge: Prize winners