MCA students’ unprecedented successes in securing placements

Dr V N Krishnachandran, Prof and Head, MCA Dept, has sent in this report:

“I am writing this to share with all of you, the joy and happiness of the faculty and staff of the MCA Dept in watching the phenomenal and unprecedented successes of the students of the Dept in securing placements. As on 30 November 2021, as many as 37 students of the MCA 2021 pass out batch have secured placements and in the process collected altogether 55 placement offers from as many as 28 companies. The placement processes are still going on and we are expecting a few more placements. Me, and all my colleagues in the MCA Dept, are deeply grateful to the staff of the Training & Placement Dept of the College for doing everything within and beyond their powers to make such a phenomenal success happen.

To spread word about this phenomenal achievement we have prepared a small electronic poster as a PDF file highlighting the success and circulated it among all the past, present and some of the future students of the Dept.

I believe this success has only strengthened the resolve of all faculty and staff of the Dept to give still better service to the students of the Dept.”