ME Dept faculty members publish research paper in Elsevier’s “Materials Today: Proceedings”

The paper titled “Remedial measures for the spring-in effect in L angled FRP composites” authored by Dr Sooraj K Prabha (Asso Prof, ME Dept), Mr A P Praveen (AP, ME Dept) and Mr K Shins (Former JRF, ME dept) has published in the Elsevier published journal Materials Today: Proceedings. More details on the paper are available at the link HERE.

The preliminary version of the paper  had been presented in the International Conference on Integration of Advanced Technologies for Industry 4.0 (ICIATI 2020) sponsored by AICTE and held on 12 June 2020 at KCG College of Technology, Karpakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Abstract of the paper

Thermoset based fibre-reinforced composite materials expedite their spreading in various industrial applications for their excellent mechanical properties and chemical inertness. However, one of the major drawbacks of these materials is the difficulty in maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the produced parts. These structural problems are related to the residual stresses generated during the thermal curing process. One of the structural problems manifested is the reduction of enclosed angles of angled sections called spring-in. The present study used the vacuum bagging technique followed by thermal curing to fabricate L-angled glass/epoxy laminates. The direct measurements of spring-in angles were taken using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Besides, a Finite Element (FE) model was developed in Abaqus to mimic the curing process. The validity of the developed model has been verified with the experimentally measured spring-in angles. Further, this stabilized model is used to assess the contributions of some influencing factors on spring-in. Based on the findings, a few remedial measures are proposed and verified in this paper. The methods such as mould compensation, optimum stacking sequences, and proper tool selection are effective against spring-in.



Dr Ramachandran N

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