Online talks and discussions by NSS units

Talks on NRPF and TreeTag

On 28 January 2022, the NSS units arranged an online talk on NRPF (Natural Resource Protection Force) and Tree Tag. NRPF, one of the flagship programs of APJKTU NSS Cell, was initiated to spread awareness about natural resource protection among NSS volunteers. TreeTag is a geo-tagging app created by the company Alphavogue to tackle the problems in  thtracking trees that were planted as part of environment protection drives. The app lets us publicly view the locations and details of such trees. The app also gives a platform for people to sponsor trees without the hassle of having to procure, plant and maintain the trees themselves. The talk was lead by Ms. Akhila M (NRPF Volunteer from Vidya NSS) and Mr Anandhu Balachandran (NRPF Lead Volunteer in Ernakulam Region).


On 30 January 2022, the NSS units organized a programme titled “Dhwani” through which volunteers were given an opportunity to talk about any topic of their choice. Volunteers discussed and shared their thoughts about “Gandhi and Martyr’s Day“, “Do we need an army?“, “What superpowers do you want?“, “Music  and its healing powers“, “Part time jobs” etc. All volunteers actively participated in the discussions.