MCA Dept’s two-day workshop Chip-to-Net 7.1

“Chip-to-Net” is a signature programme of the MCA Dept that has been running without break for the last seven years. It is a two-day fully hands on workshop for students of neighbouring arts and science colleges. The workshop, which is hugely popular among the faculty and students of the targeted colleges, used to be held in the Computer Lab of the Dept; but, due to the Covid pandemic, the workshop was conducted in the online mode in the year 2021.

Chip-to-Net 7.1

The Dept organised this year’s edition of the workshop christened as “Chip-to-Net 7.1” during 7 – 8 April 2022. As many as 53 students from 13 different arts and science colleges, all studying in the second year of the BCA/BSc (CS) programme, attended the workshop. The workshop was a huge success as evidenced by the feedback collected from the participants after the conclusion of the workshop.

Inaugural ceremony

The inaugural ceremony of the workshop was held in the Computer Lab of the MCA Dept at 9.30 am on 7 April 2022. Ms Siji K B (Coordinator of the Workshop) welcomed the participants and dignitaries and Dr Reji C Joy (Asso Prof, MCA Dept) gave an overview of the workshop. Dr saji C B, Principal, inaugurated the workshop and delivered the inaugural address. Dr N Ramachandran, Prof and head of ME Dept, felicitated the participants. Dr Swapnakumar S (prof and head, ECE Dept) and dr Mary T Varghese (Asso Prof and head-in-Charge, EEE Dept) graced the occasion with their presence. Mr Manesh D (Co-coordinator) proposed the vote of thanks.

Topics discussed

Four different topics were discussed in the workshop.

  • Website Creation Using Google Sites: The first topic was on creating a website using the features available in Google Sites and it was handled by Ms Salkala K S and Ms Siji K B, Assistant Professors in MCA Dept. This happened to be the most appreciated topic as 97% of the participants rated the presentation of the topic as “Excellent”.
  • Ethical hacking:  The second topic was “Ethical Hacking” handled by Mr Arun P R, staff of the EEE Dept. As an articulate person with much expertise in ethical hacking, the participants greatly enjoyed the presentation very much. They were seen thronging Mr Arun to know more about hacking even after he ended his presentation.
  • Video Editing: The third topic was “Video Editing” very ably presented by Gatha Bimal a sixth standard student of Sacred Heart Convent Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Thrissur. Earlier, Gatha had surprised her classmates, students and faculty members of colleges and senior students by her great fluency in explaining the nuances of video editing. The participants of the workshop were delighted to see a kid as a resource person, and they were equally delighted with the clear exposition of the many features available in a video editing app. One of the participants, who claimed that he was a professional video editor, admitted that he learned one or two new features of video editing from Gatha!
  • Playing with Arduino: The fourth topic was “Playing with Arduino” presented by Mr Arun Xavier (AP, EEE Dept). Mr Arun Xavier is one of the foremost experts in Arduino in Vidya campus and he has trained hundreds of students of Vidya and other institutions in using this technology. In this workshop, he introduced the Arduino IDE, which is a software for simulating the Arduino board and it was a novel experience for the participants. The novelty was very much appreciated.

Two competitions were held as part of the workshop: “Website Creation Challenge” and “Video Creation Challenge”.

Winners: Website Creation Challenge
First Prize Second Prize
Amal Dev T S
Tharananellur Arts & Science College, Irinjalakuda
Oliviya Tomy Varghese
Sree Kerala Varma College
Click here to see the prize winning website Click here to see the prize winning website
Winners: Video Creation Challenge
First Prize Second Prize
Krishnaprasad T K
Tharananellur Arts & Science College, Irinjalakuda
Joel Babu Lins
Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Chalakudy
Two short videos

Here are two short videos capturing some of the moments of the workshop.

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