Vyvidh 2K22 organisers meet the press

To shed more light on the upcoming Vidya’s Techfest “Vyvidh 2022” and to get the message about the fest out to the general public, a Press Meet was conducted on 23 April 2022 at Press Club, Erumappetti.

Mr Arun Lohidakshan (Media Convener, Vyvidh 2K22) made the opening announcement and welcomed all the attendees representing different media like Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Kerala Kaumudi, TCV, CCTV, ACV etc. Ms Honeymol P K (Convener, Vyvidh 2K22) briefed about the events.

The departments’ attractions include demonstration of modern city building and transportation facilities named by ‘VasTava’ by the CE Dept, ‘Destroy the Decibel’ – a sound-producing competition for vehicles hosted by the CSE Dept, Haulin Torque which is a demonstration of various electronics parts of modern cars and Robotics Hackathon organized by the ECE Dept, exhibition of the first electric vehicles in Kerala prepared by the EEE Dept, ‘Agnichakra‘ which is a display of rare vintage cars and superbikes by the ME Dept, and Hardware Show, Hardware Hub and Blind Coding by MCA Dept.

All the media personnel were invited to attend Vyvidh 2K22 which is being scheduled to be conducted on 29 – 30 April 2022.

Ms Honeymol P K (Convener, Vyvidh 2K22), Mr Vishnu Shaji (Co-Convener, Vyvidh 2K22), Mr Arun Lohidakshan and Ms Surabhi (Media Conveners), Mr Shanmukhadas T M, Mr Vishnu K, Mr Vivek Wilson (Student Co-ordinantors) were present at the Press Meet.

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