Vidya’s TechFest 2K22: Depts outshine each other!

The various departments of the College were competing with each other to present the best show as part of Vyvidh 2022. Read on to feel the excitement. To feel the excitement of college level events, click HERE.

1. Vastatva: CE Dept

The main focus of VASTATVA was Puthuyuka, an exhibition on the futuristic view of the world with miniature models of stadiums, buildings, domes and radial city.  Other technical and non-technical events were also organised .


This expo focuses on the upcoming era of the modern world, the advancement in construction and transportation structures. Exhibition on the theme of modern city with miniature models of stadiums, buildings, domes and radial city .

Technical events
  •  Ship Retro 2.0
  • Models of ship is made by each team with the given equipment and the team which made the ship that has the most load bearing capacity wins the prize. Aesthetics and maximum utilisation of given materials are also considered for evaluation.
  • Prizes: First prize – Sreevishnu Devarajan and team, Second prize – Amity Joy and team, Third prize – Sreerag K B and team
  • CADD Master
  • A CAD drawing is given to each participant and the one who completes the replica of the given drawing meeting all the conditions will wins the prize.
  • Prizes: First prize – Nandan K V, Second prize – Noble Paul –S8CEB
  • Straw Structure
  • A building structure is built with the provided straws. And the team with maximum load bearing structure wins the task. Aesthetics and maximum utilisation of given materials are also considered for evaluation.
Nontechnical events
  1. Neon Football: This is 3s football game set within a dark room with neon lightings and follows the rules and regulations of ordinary football match. The team which scores maximum goals within the given time limit wins the game. First prize – Alind and team , Second prize – Daffodils
  2. PS4 Gaming: Playing games using PS4.
  3. Spot choreography: Contestants have to spot choreograph two preset songs and two songs of their wish. First prize: Arun
  4. Movie Trivia: A quiz is conducted on Malayalam movies. Winner: Sivasaayanth & Samarath (S8 B Tech ECE)
  5. Soft Archery: Participants can shoot a stationary circular target. Winner: Neema P G (S8 B tech CE B)
  6. Frustration Football: To express your feelings without feeling anxious.
  7. Treasure Hunt

2. Destroy the Decibel: CSE Dept
  • Destroy the Decibel: The CSE Dept hosted DESTROY THE DECIBEL as the main event which was a battle of exhausts to find out the loudest exhaust note. The first prize was awarded with a decibel of 128.5. Second prize was awarded with a decibel of 126.9 and third prize was awarded with 126.7. prize money was worth Rs.60K.
  •  Maze Runner: Find the right exit in a dark closed room within five minutes
  • Transylvania: A try to escape from a room with full of horrors
  • Codex: A coding competition for aspiring coding experts
  • Respawn: An online valorent gaming tournament with participants from various parts of kerala
  • Digital Art Gallery: Showcasing of digital arts in the form of AR embedded in QR codes
  • Quiz
  • Infinity Fun: A lot of fun games)
  • Mini games: Funny indoor games
  • Treasure Hunt
NFT workshop

An NFT workshop was also conducted along with TechFest giving the students an opportunity to interact with NFT designers from different parts of the world. More than 100 students participated in the workshop.

Dept pavilion

The Department Pavilion provided a plethora of information to the visitors. It showcased the working of various technologies such as blockchain, AI/ML, cybersecurity, cloud computing , internet of things and networking. One of the main attractions of department exhibition was the demonstration of hologram. It pavllion also showcased the achievements and the remarkable triumphs of students and members of faculty and staff of the Dept in the field of education, and co-curricular activities.

3. ECE Dept
LIGA-ROBOTRIX 2022: Kerala’s larget robotic hackathon

Top ten teams were selected from the registered pool of 24 teams across Kerala (High School, Diploma, B Tech and M Tech) depending on their past achievements. These teams were provided with a task-book ten days prior to the event. The task-book contained detailed objectives and tasks designed to solve a real-life scenario problem but in a miniaturized version. For example, the problem could be building-on-fire where they have to design a fire-fighting robot. The teams were supposed to design a simple robot (at their convenience), as explained in the task-book, that would have to achieve prescribed tasks (like detecting an obstacle or moving an object!) on the 10th day at the venue. The teams that performed the maximum tasks on the day of the event at the designed landscape, in the most efficient and objective manner along with a detailed presentation before the judges became the winners!

The registration was totally free to encourage participation and all necessary help was provided by the coordinators for the the teams. The event commenced at 11:00 AM on 29th April 2022, and teams from various Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges were present. The first prize worth Rs.15000 was awarded to the team from Christ Engineering College, Irinjalakuda while the second prize worth Rs.5000 was won by Thejus College of Engineering.

Haulin’Torque: Advancements in electronics in automobile sector (Tuners’ Expo)

The one-day event included a live seminar on automobile parts. The live presentation with 5 modded (modding means the practice of modifying a production car to alter its appearance or to increase performance) cars allowed the audience to experience real-time integration and how they are accommodated inside the vehicle. The programme featured MK5 for the first time in an Indian expo.

The experts from the industry came in to deliver a workshop and the spectators were allowed to have interactions to understand the technical aspects of auto-tuning options available in the market. Various auto-tuning parts were also placed as exhibition to the viewers to provide a whole experience of this sector and understand the financial aspect of modded cars!

VR Games: World of Virtual and Augmented reality

The event was organised by Koorans, Ernakulam. The audience was introduced to a world of virtuality using state-of-the-art equipment available in the market. Augmented reality was exhibited in projectors and allowed the audience to feel this technology and click pictures as souvenirs of moment.

Other events
  1. Circuitrix Debugging circuits: The event witnessed competitive participation from various colleges. This year the first prize was awarded to a team from Vidya Academy of Science and Technology.
  2. Treasure Hunt: Electronic Trasure Hunt: The thrilling competition was an electronic problem solving expedition where each participant had to solve encrypted codes similar to puzzles to find clues to the next level. The event was organised by the fourth semester students of M Tech (Embedded Systems). The first prize was awarded to a team from Vidya.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: It is a game in which the winner reaches the final envelop by solving various parallel and series combination circuits. The Team of 4 members can manually solve the circuit. After successful completion of task the team member receive each part of password to the envelope. The team open the envelope with the least time will be the winner. First and second prizes were awarded to teams from Vidya.
  4. X86: The expo named X86 was focused on Full PC teardown and showcase all components inside computers with a PC building simulator.
  5. Electronic cave: Electronic cave is generally an expo that leads into a cave, where you can experience and see some exciting working and still models, illusion models of modern electronics Era.
Dept Pavilion

The department achievements, excellent results and placements were exhibited as a form of appreciation to the ever long hardworking staff and students. Various lighting effects, neon world and fun and Games were also exhibited.

4. Darkest Showman: EEE Dept

The main events from EEE Department were Darkest Showman and Elektra:

  • The event was an exhibition of mind blowing science experiments related to cymatic frequency response of basic matters and particles. (Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration and shows the transformational nature of sound and matter. It is the study of methods for the visualisation of sound.)
  • Elektra is Kerala’s first electric and hybrid vehicles exhibition at a college level. Popular vehicles that were exhibited werw models from Odysse, EV 7, Komaki, Hyundai, MG, Skoda, Mahindra and Tata Motors. The expo was inaugurated by Regional Transport Officer, Thrissur Division, Mr Gokul T G. Due to increasing petroleum prices and increasing air pollution levels, electric and hybrid vehicles are most preferred by customers who are also looking for long term benefits.
Other events
  1. Psych Carnival: a collection 5 interesting games with exciting gifts and rewards for winners)
  2. Escape Room: Solving puzzles and finding the treasure. The participant is the main character of the story where he investigates a murder. Clues were given at each level to complete the story. If the participant completes the story within 10 minutes, he/she wins.
  3. El-Electrica Neon Shootout: An astounding room with drawings of football stars in neon light and a football shootout game was organised.
  4. Roborace:  Completing the given track in shortest time
  5. Robowar: War between robots, the last remaining robot wins the game.
Dept Pavilion

In Department Pavilion, the main models showcased were hydroelectric project, concentrated solar and nuclear power plant model, sub station model and a automatic railway gate control for a unmanned gate using Arduino controller and IR sensors.

5. Agnichakra: ME Dept

Agnichakra showcased the wave of innovations which led from the wheel to supercars, superbikes and vintage automobiles. The show was created with the young generation in mind. Agnichakra mainly comprised of a bike show with 16 bikes and vintage car show with 7 cars. Instagram fame “Abinbabsabraham” and his monster truck was the most exciting feature of the event. The show also comprised a “Toyota Supra MK5”. Agnichakra 2k22 is the first moto expo in India to exhibit this automobile. The Auto Expo was conducted in a dark room and special ambient lights were used to create a more appealing environment. In order to attract more viewers, performance shows of some of the bikes and cars were also done at the end of each day. Popular cine artist Leona Lishoy, and Instagram fame Yadil M Iqbal promoted the event by posting videos on their social network page.

Workshop on film making

An interactive session on film making and professional film editing was conducted on the 29 of April. Mr. Noufal Abdhulla, Chairman NAAFE Academy (Film Editor), Mr Jith Joshie, Principal NAAFE Academy (Film Editor), Mr Salman Anas, Director NAAFE Academy, Mr Ratheesh Ravi, Writer/Director, Mr Anand Roshan, actor, were a part of this session. The Dept also conducted a workshop on CAD master and a battery health checkup by BOSCH. An auto quiz was also conducted as part of the techfest.

6. Adwaytha: MCA Department

The main event of MCA Dept was “Adwaytha”. Adwaytha was an informative event for students as well as the visitors. The event was an exhibition of hardware components. It consisted of components from various generations. The hardware hub was a beautiful add-on to Adwaytha, where the students exhibited their skill in reassembling the hardware components.

Dept Pavilion

The Department Pavilion exhibited ample amount of information about the achievements of MCA students and various activities hosts by the department.

Other events
  • BGMI and  NFS
  • Blind Coding: The participants were asked to type a certain code in limited time with the monitors screen in off state and the one with the best and error less code was awarded as the winner.
  • Web Page Replication: The participants were asked to replicate a certain web page in given time and the one with exactly same styling and design would be awarded.
  • Treasure Hunt
  • ROCK N ROLL and QUIZARD: The rock n roll was a entertaining game where the participants were made to fill the blanks of the songs where they displayed the song sequence and the participants was asked to sing the song correctly. Quizard was just some rapid fire questions asked to the participants and the one with the most points would be awarded the prize in a fixed time.
Food Stall

The department also had also arranged a food stall in the college parking with drinks, stacks and ice creams. The students were having their first experience running some business and the response from the customers was so gratifying.

7. PE Dept

The PE Dept hosted Lathe Master as the main technical event. Lathe Master provides a quick setup of the cutting edge position without trial cutting. Capable of measuring external, internal, and facing tools. The quickest one who complete the work was the winner. The other technical events were Eye-hand coordination competition: It is the coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping along with the use of proprioception of the hands to guide the eyes. Another event was the Travelling Trophy contest which is the assembling and disassembling of a valve the quickest one to do was the winner.

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