Vidya’s technological extravaganza “Vyvidh 2K22”

To develop technical skills of students and to expose them to the current trends in the technical and professional fields, a two-day technological extravaganza “Vyvidh 2K22” was organised in the College during 29-30 April 2022.  Dr Saji C B (Principal) and Ms Nisha Valsan (PTA President) jointly inaugurated the event.

Vyvidh 2K22 showcased technology and entertainment via a variety of platforms like “Avishkar”, a project expo for M Tech, B Tech and Diploma students, “Expremire”, a paper presentation competition, “Navayuva”, an expo for high school and plus two students, and “Shutter Up”, a spot photography competition.

There were a large number of variety events organised by the various Depts of the College. The feel the excitement of Dept level events, read the report HERE.

Ms Honey Mol P K (AP, ECE Dept) and Mr Vishnu Shaji (AP, ME Dept) served as Convener and Co-convener) respectively for Vyvidh 2K 22. The Editorial Team of News & Events congratulate them for helping present such a great and memorable Vidya show!
Avishkar: Project Expo

The Project Expo was conducted exclusively for B Tech, M Tech and Polytechnic College students to showcase their technical talents. The expo was officially inaugurated by Dr Saji C B, Principal, and Ms Nisha Valsan, PTA President. The Principal and the PTA President addressed the gathering with warm wishes.
As many as 22 teams participated in the expo of which 21 teams were from Vidya itself. A panel of five faculty members from different Engineering disciplines evaluated the projects.

Prize Project title Institution
First Plug-in Hybrid Electric Autorickshaw Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
Second Suction Stabilized Structure Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
Third Design and Fabrication of UV Sanitizing Robot Thejus Engineering College
Audience poll Working Model of Hydraulic Pump & Underground Hydraulic Car Parking System

The event was organized by staff coordinator Mr Ramesh C R (AP, ECE Dept) and student coordinator Shanmugadas T M (S8 B Tech ME) along with Avishkar Team Volunteers.

Navayuva: School Project Expo

The school project expo, was conducted on 30 April 2022. Two teams registered for the project expo. They were from SDVHSS, Peramangalam and Gurukulam Public School, Venginnissery. Both teams consisted of five enthusiastic members. The team from Permangalam presented an idea of wildlife protection in railway track using a simple LED and photo sensor technique and the team from Venginissery presented a project on soil pollution. Both the teams had models and posters to support their work.

The projects were visited by most of the students and staff of Vidya academy and the students actively interacted with all of them. The results were announced and certificates and prize money were distributed by Navayuva Coordinator Ms Akhila R (AP, EEE Dept). Ms Sheena Pradeep (Placement Cell) served as the staff coordinator and Asher baby (S8 B Tech EEE ) as the student coordinator of the event.

Exprimere: Paper presentation competiton

The event “Exprimere” was held on 29 April 2022 in Advanced Computer Lab. The participants were welcomed by Ms Neha Joshy (S8 B Tech CE) and the event was anchored by Mr  Vishnulal. The faculty coordinator of the event was Ms  Shameem (AP, CSE Dept). As many as 16 students presented papers.

Prize Winner Department
First Arya M Tech, CE Dept
Second Vishnupriya P S B Tech, CSE Dept
Third Remya MCA
Shutter UP: Spot Photography Competition

The theme for the competition was “Art of Nature“. Students were given a three hours to capture their photographs in reference to the theme and submit them to the panel. The photos were evaluated by a panel of two judges and the cash prize along with the certificates were awarded to the winners..

Prize Winner
First Sujith Krishnan
Second Akshay T
Third Vishnu M B
VCAIR’s National Level AI & ML Project Expo

Vidya Center for Artificial Intelligence and Research (VCAIR) in association with the Department of Computer Science Engineering, organized a Roviero-sponsored “National Level AI & ML Project Expo 2022” on 30 April 2022 as a part of Vyvidh 2022. This initiative was well received among ML and AI enthusiasts from various engineering colleges including CUSAT, NSS, LBS Kasargod, FISAT, Amal Jyothi, Universal, etc.

As many as 12 teams were selected for the expo after a tough scrutiny by AI experts from Roviero Mr Sambhu Surya Mohan (Director & India Head) and Mr Thomas Paul (Senior Application Engineer – Deep Learning). The projects presented in the expo were unique and ranged from solving problems in agriculture to gesticulation translation and many more. The demonstration of the projects was impressive to both the judges and college students who visited the expo. The judging panel comprised of Mr Sambhu Surya Mohan, Mr Thomas Paul and Mr Anirudh T P (Systems Engineer, Corp R&I, TCS).

Prize Title of project
First Advanced Agriculture Recommendation & Classification System
Second AI-Enabled Video Conference

An interactive session was also arranged for the participants and VCAIR-AI Student Club members with AI experts from Roviero. Dr Ramani Bai V (Prof and Head, CSE Dept) welcomed the participants.  The winners of the expo were awarded with cash prizes. The participants shared their feedback on how the participation in the AI&ML expo benefited them.

The program was organized under the leadership of Dr Ramani Bai V and coordinated by Ms.Mahalakshmy A (AP, CSE Dept) , Abhijith Sheheer (S8 B Tech CSE )and Yogita R Nair (S8 B Tech CSE).

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