EEE Dept alumni’s “Krishivikas” project attracts media attention

A group of four  students (2017-21 Batch, Dept. of  EEE  ) developed a device to attract and kill  flying insects in paddy fields.  The device is an improvised model a device the Vidya students had developed as part of their final year B Tech project in Vidya. The news & Events had carried a report on their project on 24 June 2021 which could be accessed at the link provided below.

The device runs entirely on solar energy. It not only kills the pests, but will also help turn the dead pest into compost. The device named “Krishivikas” has been  registered under their startup firm Green Power Electronics.

The team of students  consisted of Jincy Jose, Swathi K. Sunil, Ushas Andrews and Kevin George.

News in media

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