VIBE team sets up Help Desk in Vidya campus for engineering aspirants

The VIBE 2022 (Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering 2022) team has set up a Help Desk in Vidya Campus for the benefit of school students who want to pursue a career in engineering. The personnel manning the desk and directing the activities of the desk are senior faculty members of the College and they help the school students  in making the right choice of the branch of engineering for education taking into consideration their aptitude and academic achievements. The personnel also render help in negotiating the cumbersome procedures in getting through the various entrance examinations for admissions to engineering programmes.

Personnel manning the Help Desk
Dept Faculty members in charge Other responsible members
CE Kiran Babu, Chithira Ajeeth Ardra P Nair, Renjith R
CSE Beena M V, Divya K V Shameem, Geethu P C
ECE Santumon, Ashitha Divya Unni, Sojan Francis
EEE Praveesh, Krishnakumar Neenu Thomas
ME Arun K L ( Anil Paul), Renjith Raj Anil Paul, Sankar R