The stepping stone to your vision and dreams:  Invitation to Graduation Ceremony

Vidya’s journey that is knotted strongly with achievements would not have been possible without the contribution from every member of the Vidya family. We would like to commemorate the special moment of ‘Graduation Ceremony’ as it is a rewarding and exciting moment for all.

We are happy to announce the Graduation Ceremonies of three batches of  students  on 23rd & 25th July 2022.

Batch Date &  Time  Chief Guest Invitation
2016 –  2020

23 July 2022

10.00 am

Dr Mohanan Kunnummal

Hon. VC, Kerala University of Health Sciences          

2016-20 Batch
2017 –  2021

23 July 2022

02.30 pm

Sri S D Shibulal    

Co-Founder Infosys

2017-21 Batch
2018 –  2022

25  July 2022

02.00 pm

Dr Saji Gopinath

Hon. VC, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology                         

2018-22 Batch

We hope, this once in a lifetime experience offers you the chance to dress up in your cap and gown and a brilliant way to highlight the beginning  of  another incredible episode in your life.