NSS volunteers attend SOLACE campus connect program

NSS volunteers of  Vidya engage in many social activities that help them to mold a successful and compassionate citizen of society.

Campus Connect Program organised by SOLACE group acted as a perfect platform to  learn and appreciate the small things in life and develop a sense of gratitude and thankfulness to the  NSS volunteers of Vidya. The program was intended to introduce activities of SOLACE to volunteers. Program was conducted online through google meet . Around fifty NSS volunteers participated in the program.


Solace is an organisation registered as a trust under the charitable societies Act of Kerala having its main office in Thrissur. Solace is built on the strong willpower of a women, Ms. Sheeba Ameer with a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers by establishing a “Play Therapy Unit” alongside the leukemia ward of Medical College, Thrissur to fill the gap of a missing homestead and school. It gives a platform for caring and supporting children with long term illnesses. From 2007 onwards, Solace has been addressing the medical, social and psychological issues of the families of such children. Presently Solace caters to more than 3600 children suffering from long term serious illness such as cancer, thalassaemia, nephrotic syndrome, cerebral palsy, hemophilia, heart diseases etc.