Semester Flag Off Meeting 2022

To maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline and to transform all the greater level of expectation to reality, a Semester Flag Off Meeting was held at Vidya on 30 September 2022.

Dr Saji C B (Principal, VAST), in his speech, gave a detailed description of the various academic activities to be completed during this semester and how these activities could be planned and executed with the target dates. He also mentioned some of the steps to be taken to articulate the knowledge and skills that the students need to acquire by the end of their course through their academics and the importance of attending add-on course and to ensure placements of every students in their preferred field.

Dr Saji congratulated the students for their active participation in all the events conducted recently with meticulous planning and implemented successfully by abiding all the rules. He extended his great sense of appreciation to all the staff members for the persistent efforts to widen the students’ horizon of learning with the support of VTC, VRC, VSEC, IEDC and NSS thereby helping every student to taste success with excellence. He also made a special mention about the new initiative of EEE Dept – ‘ROOTS’. Dr Saji  appreciated and thanked all staff members for their understanding and support during our tough time and  requested the continued support from all staff members to strengthen Vidya.

Mr Suresh Lal (Executive Director) mentioned and congratulated about the fine blend of students in the campus and their activities. He reminded everyone about the endeavor to excel in the field of engineering education explicitly and implicitly in unison in the midst of adverse trends.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics) presented and gave a brief description about the much accepted ‘ROOTS’- ‘ a comprehensive scholarship scheme, instituted by the Alumni of the EEE Dept of Vidya and also extend her wholehearted support in implementing such kind of initiatives to nurture gifted and deserving students for a great future. Adv P N Unnirajan IPS (Rtd) (Director-Administration) extended his support to all the initiatives from the institution.  All heads of departments representing both academic and non-academic departments and  members of staff attended the meeting.

The meeting provided an incredible opportunity to drive positive change and re-affirmed the commitments of members of staff in Vidya that tread the path of growth.