Session on NBA Accreditation

To provide a brief overview of the NBA accreditation procedure for B Tech engineering program, an all staff meeting was arranged in the Main Seminar Hall on 12 October 2022. Dr Saji C B (Principal) outlined the procedure for NBA accreditation in view of the current schedule of the visit of NBA Accreditation team during 18-20 November 2022.

An extensive detailing regarding the essential aspects and preparations needed from each department was given by the Principal and the Institutional NBA coordinator. The meeting was intended to give clarity to all, regarding the complete accreditation process and for enabling the staff members to efficiently present the respective Departments and the Institution to the NBA expert team, during their visit. The guidelines which served as crucial parameters for certifying institution were  clearly outlined.

Dr Saji gave a brief about the importance of NBA certification and how AICTE recognized the importance of quality technical education. The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of India is a signatory to the Washington Accord and many internationally renowned engineering programs will be accredited as part of the agreement.

He also described that this accreditation is centered on outcome-based education in which student performance is evaluated based on their knowledge, abilities, and attributes.

Having described the importance, the Principal also discussed about the Vision and Mission of the Department & Institution, the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) and indicated where and how the Vision, Mission and PEOs are aligned together as guiding lights for quality in education. The institutional Co-ordinator Dr  Sunitha C (Asso Prof, CSE Dept) briefed the ongoing preparations and stressed on the importance of timely updations.

The meeting served as a perfect platform to provide an overall review with a quality  assurance that provides certification of assessment to assure quality, to elevate graduates to global recognition, and to expand the program.

Dr Saji appreciated the sincere efforts of the members of staff towards this mission and urged them to give their best in the coming days .

Institutional Co-ordinator :  Dr  Sunitha C (Asso Prof, CSE Dept)
Department Co-ordinators
CE Ms Nisha Varghese A  (Asst  Prof, CE Dept)
Ms Nirmala Krishnan  (Asst  Prof, CE Dept)
EEE Ms Neenu Thomas  (Asst Prof, EEE Dept)
Ms Akhila T   (Asst Prof, EEE Dept)


Dr Jeeva K A (Asso Prof, ECE Dept)
Ms Honeymol  P K (Asst Prof, ECE Dept)
ME Dr Rakesh Hari  (Asso Prof, ME Dept)
Dr Vibin Antony (Asst Prof, ME Dept)