Vidya Table Tennis Men Team secures second position in E Zone Table Tennis Championship

Vidya always envisage an atmosphere  that every  student enjoys. In sports/games students get the opportunity to polish their preferred events through continuous training programmes.

It is with great sense of pride and honor, we , share the news that, Vidya team secured second in the E Zone Table Tennis championship held at NSS Engineering College, Palakkad held on 29 October 2022

The Team 
Abhishek Sathian   S7, CE Dept
Samuel Sunny   S7, ECE Dept
Sooraj Suresh   S7, ECE Dept
Gokul P   S5, EEE Dept
Mathew Roy S3, CSE  Dept
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending heartfelt appreciation to the dynamic team on this merited triumph !!!