NSS volunteers attend KTU Care Camp

The NSS volunteers of Vidya Academy of Science and Technology attended KTU care camp conducted at Viswajyothi Collage of Engineering and Technology on 14 October 2022.

The program was inauguratd by MLA Roshi Augustin ( Minister for Irrigation, Command Area Development Authority, Ground Water Department, Water Supply and Sanitation). They gave brief explanation about palliative care and KTU care and also gave  ideas about the activities under KTU care. talk sessions ‘Jeevana’  was also conducted.The main aim of the program was to raise fund for doing dialysis and to extend  helps. Then they conducted a class about communication. An ice breaking session was also conducted .

On the second day the volunteers were divided into groups based on regional wise and after that communication classes were provided which helped them to grab more knowledge and information. NSS volunteers Arjun Rajeev, Adithyan Anilkumar, Abhinav A J, Niyamol, Merin James, Saya Surendran, Athulya and Abhijith attended the camp.