Flagship Orientation Program

With an aim to provide  channel of communication that can be used for educating and motivating the public about the need for blood donation, NSS volunteers of Vidya attended the flagship orientation program of  Rudhirasena and KTU care on 24 October 2022. Mr Shine P Xavier (Programme Officer and Asst Prof, CSE Dept) delivered welcome speech. The flagship orientation of  Rudhirasena was conducted by Sakthi (student of VAST), Sreyas (student of GEC Thrissur)  and Alwin Peter (student of Royal Engineering College). The volunteers were divided into groups according to their blood groups. The resource persons gave a class on the necessity of donating blood and also about the basic requirements of blood donation.

In the second session, the flagship orientation program of  KTU Care was conducted by Arjun, Saya and Adithyan students of  VAST. They gave a class about the activities under KTU Care and also about palliative care. Fun activities were also conducted . As many as  50 NSS volunteers participated in the program.