VSEC Student Volunteers successfully completed the Students Internship Program

VSEC (Vidya Social empowerment Center), an initiative of  Vidya International Charitable Trust, provides a platform to the students for a real-world experience that enables them  to set everything they have  learned into action.

The certificate distribution on successful completion of two months Students Internship Program on Sustainable Development under Energy Management Centre, Govt of Kerala was held on 04 November 2022 at District Aasoothranabhavan Hall, Ayyanthol. Mr P K David (Master, President, Thrissur District Panchayat) inaugurated the programme in the presence of Ms K S Jaya (Standing Committee Chairperson, District Panchayat Thrissur), Ms Sheena Parayangattil (Vice President, District Panchayat Thrissur) and Dr T V Vimal Kumar (Programme/District Co-ordinator, Energy Management Centre, Govt of Kerala).

Students from various colleges which included 22 VSEC student volunteers and four students from EEE Department of Vidya were involved in the Internship Programme. The 26 students from Vidya were divided into group of 5 to 6  members each and they prepared a report of the two months Internship Programme which included 6 chapters as follows:

Program Report

CHAPTER – 1 Familiarization of Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
CHAPTER – 2 Visit to  Grama /Block Panchayath , Collect The Information About SDG Program by the Panchayath – Clean Energy, Health Environment, Entrepreneurship Program ) – (Group Work)
CHAPTER – 3 Energy Program: Home Energy Survey -Minimum 10 Number – Individual Work
CHAPTER – 4 Collect the Data Of Electricity Usage of one Month In Your Home and plot a graph –(Individual Work)
CHAPTER – 5 Introduction about Solar Panel or Electric Vehicles : Visit the installed Roof Type Solar Panel Consumer or consumer using an Electric Vehicle  (Group Work )
The Team
Group Leader Team Members
Group 1 Karthika M Nair (S5 ECE Dept) Jincy P.J (S5 ECE Dept), M Sangamesh (S3 ECE Dept), Suraj Shaju Meledath (S3 EEE Dept), Sebastian Jacob (S3 EEE Dept)
Group 2 Sanjo P Regin (S5 ECE Dept) Silpa VS (S5 ECE Dept),  Mohammad Afsal (S5 ME Dept),  Varundev  (S3 ECE Dept),  Gayathri Gireesh (S3 ECE Dept)
Group 3 Arjun Rajeev (S5 ME Dept) Sreya M S (S3 ECE Dept), Geetanjali V R (S5 EEE Dept), Segin Xavier K (S5 EEE Dept), Mohammed Suhai l(S5 EEE Dept) Akhil P M(S5 EEE Dept)
Group 4 Evelina Rose Joju (S5 CSE Dept) Anjali V (S3, ECE Dept), Jesto K J (S5, ECE Dept), Vaanisha Murali (S5, ECE Dept), Sudev Nair (S5 , ECE Dept)
Group 5
Aswin V P (S5 EEE Dept) Midhun Joshy (S3 EEE Dept), Sakthi S  (S5 ECE Dept), Akhila M (S5 ECE Dept), Abin Joshy (S5 ME Dept)

The certificate was distributed to each group by Sri P K David Master (President, Thrissur District Panchayat) .On the whole the students had a unique experience during their internship through which they came to realize the importance of minute things in life that may contribute to energy conservation, the development activities going on in the panchayat, the essence of team work and also time management.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty congratulation to the VSEC Volunteers on this commendable achievement and wishing all the best  for all the activities that denote  progressive journey ahead !!!