IEEE conducts hands-on experience to learn and implement API Knowledge

IEEE club hosted its second offline program. A workshop with hands-on experience to learn and implement API knowledge using various http methods using Postman was conducted on 05 November 2022.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software interface that allows computers to request, retrieve, and exchange data and information in a standardized way.

The session was handled by  the  Certified Student Experts, Arjun K (S7,ECE Dept), Akhil Titus (S7, ECE Dept) and Ayush (S7, ECE Dept). The session started with a welcome speech by Arya P Prakash (S7,CE Dept and Chairperson IEEE SB VAST) and Ms Akhila R  (Asst Prof,  EEE Dept).This session gave the participants a detailed idea about what is API & Postman, technical aspects such as http methods, status codes, categorizing different status codes based on what error they relate to etc ,also gave them real life examples of how APIs are used in technical domains like Amazon services, etc.

The participants got useful experience to do hands-on training using the Postman console. At the end of the session a quiz was conducted related to what has been taught in the workshop and  Vishnu Prasad (S7, ME Dept) emerged as the winner. As many as  of 76 students attended the session.

Hearty congratulation to Arjun, Akhil, Ayush and all involved