IEDC students receive great accolade with the badge of Postman Student Expert Certification

API (Application Program Interface) is considered as foundation of modern-day software development. Postman is the industry-standard API platform that makes the user a key part of that foundation. With an objective to  give students new opportunities to learn and share the astounding power of API, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) in collaboration with Postman organised a Hands-on Training  session on  API with student expert certification on  26 November 2022 .

The program included briefing on what is API by Jeeva H M (S5 ECE Dept).  An introduction to POSTMAN was given by  Arjun (S7,EEE Dept) Hands on session was handled by Arjun K (S7, ECE Dept) and Akhil Titus (S7, ECE Dept). A session on POSTMAN security was given by Ayush (S7, ECE Dept) supported by the trainers  Jyothy C S (S7, ECE Dept) and Abhilash (S5, ECE Dept). As many as 23 Students participated in the event and the students were certified with Student Expert Certificate .

The session was co-ordinated by Mr Anil M ( Nodal Officer of IEDC and Asst Prof, ECE Dept).

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty appreciations to Mr Anil and IEDC Team on this remarkable accomplishment and wishing all  the best to all  the Certified Postman Student Expert  Team  for grabbing the  new opportunities to learn and  mastering the foundations of APIs and working with Postman !!!