Thirty Four students placed at Sutherland

Vidya takes every possible measures to hone the aptitude  and technical skills of every students through different sessions that focus on up-to-date technical knowledge in their respective disciplines.

Sutherland has released the second set of offers for their technical process requirements. 34 final year students from all across all the engineering branches have been offered placements as “Associate” with the company. For more about Sutherland please visit:

Akshara Valson B. Tech CE
Arsha Benny B. Tech CE
Devika V S B. Tech CE
Pooja P B. Tech CE
Sona Maria Sabu B. Tech CE
Sreelakshmi K Sajeev B. Tech CE
Aaryaka P Nath B. Tech CSE
Adhvaidhvas P B. Tech CSE
Athul K Kumar B. Tech CSE
Azhar Jaman M H B. Tech CSE
Gayathri P U B. Tech CSE
Hrishikesh S B. Tech CSE
Bhavyalakshmy K P B. Tech CSE
Mohamed Ijas B. Tech CSE
Nandakishor  T B. Tech CSE
Sreeram B. Tech CSE
Sreesanth M R B. Tech CSE
Sudheeshna M S B. Tech CSE
Swathi Krishna B. Tech CSE
Yadhukrishna P R B. Tech CSE
Akhil Jagadish B. Tech ECE
Anjali Sreenivasan B. Tech ECE
Godly Godfry B. Tech ECE
Gopika K Gopalakrishnan B. Tech ECE
Harikrishnan P R B. Tech ECE
Nakul R B. Tech ECE
Sreerag M S B. Tech ECE
Anjaly Mukundan B. Tech EEE
Bharath Menon B. Tech EEE
Harsh Satheesh B. Tech EEE
Naveen P S B. Tech EEE
Sanjo Simon B. Tech EEE
Athul K T B. Tech ME
Sreerag S Warrier B. Tech ME
Congratulations to all placed students !!!!