Thrissur District Collector releases the poster of ‘AGNICHAKRA’

Every student of Vidya is looking forward every activities in connection with Vidya’s technical festival ‘VYVIDH 2K23’ which is being scheduled on 17-18 March 2023. Apart from the college-level Central Committee events, each academic department is arranging a wide range of events organised by the Department-level Co-ordination Committees.

‘AGNICHAKRA’ is one of the best motor expos organize by ME Dept that always evoked enormous interest in spectators.AGNICHAKRA mainly comprised of a bike show and a  car show which  led from the wheel to super cars, super bikes and hybrid automobiles. Performance shows of some of the bikes and cars are also being planned at the end of each day.

The first copy of ‘AGNICHAKRA’ poster was released by Ms Haritha V Kumar IAS (Thrissur District Collector) at the Chamber of District Collector on 01 March 2023.Mayukh U M (Student co-ordinator, S8 ME Dept), Abhishek P Rajan (S8,ME Dept),Vinil Varghese P (S8, ME Dept), and Sarath Sivaprasad (S8, ME Dept), attended the function. Dr Bhavin K Bharath (Asst Prof, ME Dept)  is serving as Faculty Dept  Co-ordinator .

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity  in extending hearty appreciations to ME Dept and wishing all the best to present  the show with  the wave of innovations !!!