Discovering Machine Learning: A Curated Learning Path with GDSC VAST

GDSC (Google Developer Students Club) with keen support of students offers enormous opportunities to discover essential capacities for the tech enthusiast by organizing several sessions on Google Cloud. GDSC VAST conducted an online Introduction to Machine Learning session on 16 April 2023, via Google Meet at 7.30 pm. The session was led by Ashish Abraham (Machine Learning Augmented Reality (AR) Developer at Snap AR, S6 CSE student from the College of Engineering Trivandrum).

The session began with a warm welcome from GDSC Lead Gayathri Satheeshkumar (S8, CSE Dept) to the resource person and audience. Ashish started the session by highlighting the impact of Machine Learning and its scope. He then introduced the audience to some websites, such as NeRF and DALL·E 2, which showcased the power of Machine Learning.

The resource person went on to explain the life cycle of Machine Learning and his own journey in the field. Ashish shared some fundamental topics like Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning, and how and where to start with Machine Learning. He also spoke about tools and resources like programming languages, low code frameworks, detailed frameworks, lightweight frameworks, data processing and visualization tools such as Python, Julia, Teachable Machine,TensorFlow, Pytorch, JAX, CoreML, Numpy, pandas, seaborn, and matplotlib. The audience was wowed when Ashish took them to the website, which uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), to generate realistic-looking portraits of people who do not exist to showcase the power of Machine Learning and cultivate an urge among students to learn ML.The session ended with a demo problem of “Classic car restoration business,” where Ashish took the students around one of the ML projects he had done.

During the conclusion, Ms Mahalakshmy A (Asst Prof,  CSE Dept. and GDSC VAST Faculty Advisor) expressed her appreciation for the resource person’s effort in creating a curated learning path and congratulated him for the effective delivery of the session. Overall, the session provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Machine Learning and be guided on a curated learning path for it.

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!