VSEC conducts two-day Empowerment Programme 2023 for school students

As a part of the VSEC’s initiative to empower school students to become better citizens, an Online Empowerment Programme was hosted during  25-26 April 2023 for the students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 via Google Meet platform between 19:30 and 20:30.

Day-1  25 April 2023 Topic: Balancing School and Life Resource Person:Mr Praveesh V V (Asst Prof, EEE Dept)
The anchoring was done by Sinan Sulaiman (S4, ME Dept). The session started with a silent prayer after which Varundev A V (S4, ECE Dept) spoke about the true vision and goals of VSEC. Then the speaker was introduced by Aswin V P (S6, ME Dept). Being an experienced speaker, Mr Praveesh V V spoke about what is balance and the need of balance in life. This matter of balancing studies and life is of great importance for every student, but tends to be overlooked quite often. He handled the session very effectively and explained few methods to de-stress and resolve this issue.After the session, Dr. Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics) addressed the audience and shared a few inspiring experiences.The vote of thanks was delivered by Midhun Joshy (S4, EEE Dept).
Day-2  26 April 2023 Topic : Dopehead Identification Resource Person : Sreelakshmi S (S4, ECE Dept)

The anchoring was done by Gayathri Gireesh (S4, ECE Dept). The session started with a silent prayer followed by a speech by Dr. Siju K C (Head of VSEC and Asst Prof, AS Dept)  Then Sreya M S (S4, ECE Dept) introduced the speaker. Being well-versed in this topic, Sreelakshmi S handled the session very effectively by doing her best in presenting all the information that she had gathered, especially those from the references of a prominent Psychiatrist from a well-known de-addiction centre. Each and every one among the 23 symptoms of a Dopehead was explained thoroughly by her.

From the Empowerment Programme, the students learnt:-

The importance of balancing studies and life and how to do the same effectively. [Day-1]

To identify a Dopehead and what to do when they find one. [Day-2]

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty  appreciations to Mr Praveesh and Ms Sreelakshmi  for the incredible sessions  that form a holistic learning environment to move education forward and help the students advance at their own pace !!!
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