ISV Vocational Awareness Session

ISV Vocational Awareness Session 

Vidya’s IEEE branch offers necessary supports to the needy children to develop an understanding into professional career and good citizenship.  It helps the pupils to get ample information of various newly emerging and technical courses and their prospects. Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics & Professor in EEE Dept) is co-ordinating the activities in the college.

As a part of the IEEE Smart Village initiative to empower school students from the weaker section of the society, a vocational awareness program series was scheduled on 29 April 2023 at SoS Village Mulayam, Thrissu. Five student mentors Anjana K A (S2, EEE Dept), Benher  (S2, EEE Dept), Ann Mariya (S2, EEE Dept), Midhun Joshy  (S4, EEE Dept) and Akhila M (S6, ECE Dept) engaged the hands-on session using SNAP CIRCUIT kits.

Ms Nirmala Krishnan (Asst Prof, CE Dept) and Ms Anooja V S (Asst Prof,  EEE Dept) accompanied the student mentors and provided necessary supports. Around 20 students from 5th to 9th grade attended the session. Students were divided into five groups of four members each with a mentor per group. Mentors explained all the details about the components included in the kit and demonstrated the use of all the components with the help of simple circuits.

 All the students actively participated in the session with much enthusiasm. Later the students were asked to make circuits by themselves and all of them succeeded in building the circuits. Around 15 to 20 circuits were completed per group. Students and mentors gave positive feedbacks about the session. Students were really happy to have such a wonderful hands-on session and the mentors were really happy in sharing their knowledge with the participants.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to all involved on the successful conduct of the session  that  aid to catch plentiful information of different newly intensifying and technical activities !!!