Print and Electronic media widely covered ME Students’ project  ‘PLASTIFILAMENTIZER’  

PLASTIFILAMENTIZER’, a  device that facilitates  save the earth by recycling plastic water bottles into 3D printer filament, has become a staple in reaching out to many people as this project brought  attention of  Print and  Electronic media during last week .

About the project

Vidya’s Mechanical Engineering students presented  an innovative idea that aims to address environmental concerns caused by plastic waste and reduce the cost of 3D printing. The students developed a groundbreaking machine capable of transforming waste plastic bottles into usable 3D printer filament. 

This machine ‘PLASTIFILAMENTIZER’ involves the assembly of different specialised units like a cutting unit, stripping unit, and an extrusion unit, which help to transform plastic bottles into filament, which is wound onto a spool, ready for 3D printing.This invention offers significant advantages, including a reduced environmental impact from plastic waste and cost savings in 3D printing. The team envisions automating the machine in the future, allowing public access for bottle deposits and streamlined production processes. This will greatly help to minimize plastic waste in public places like railway stations, shopping malls, etc.

The Team
Athul K S, Deepak M B, Abhishek C K, and Athul K T S8, ME Dept
Dr Vibin Antony Asst Prof, ME Dept
Mr Deepu Mohan Asst Prof, ME Dept
Mr Renjith Raj Asst Prof, ME Dept
Media Coverage

Print and Electronic media have given an important place to this innovative idea and published the news  in media like The Hindu, Mathrubhumi, Deshabhimani, Keral Kaumudi , Deepika etc and  news channels and Radio Mango 91.9

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Athul, Deepak, Abhishek and Athul on this remarkable green effort that immensely contribute to a cleaner environment and make 3D printing more accessible and a fortune in 3D printing costs !!!
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Interview aired on Radio Mango 91.8