Strengthening ISV activities to hone practical-oriented skills among common public in Tirunelveli District by Vidya students 

Embracing the scholastic ethos of ISV, Vidya students conducted wide variety of enhancement activities which are tailored to meet unprivileged communities  and interests of needy students and common public.

To kick-start the program, volunteers from Vidya Academy of Science organized a hands-on session on snap circuits. A group of student volunteers, including Sakthi S (S6, ECE Dept), Jesto K J (S6, ECE Dept), Sanjo P Rejin (S6, ECE Dept), Kiran M (S6, ECE Dept), Rahul Jayaram (S6, ECE Dept), and Vijith P V (S6, ECE Dept), actively facilitated the workshop. The session, divided into two parts.

During the first segment, the mentors provided an introduction to basic electronics terminology. This foundation was followed by engaging snap circuit projects, allowing participants to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. Mr. Kannan Nallathampi, a former associate of ISV, lent his expertise, assisting the mentors and clarifying doubts during the sessions.

The overarching objective of the Vocational Awareness Program was to ignite young minds through practical learning, fostering a solid foundation in electronics concepts.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Mr Sakthi, Mr Jesto, Mr Sanjo, Mr Kiran, Mr Rahul and Mr Vijith on the successful conduct of the session that enables simultaneous interactive experiential and peer learning to a well deserving society !!! .