Diary of ’19’ : CSE students conduct farewell with boundless vigor and enthusiasm

In an emotional ambiance inside the college,the farewell day 2023 named  “Diary of ’19” was conducted by CSE students on 24 June 2023.The function was a celebration event held by the juniors to revisit the memories and congratulate the seniors for their achievements in every aspect of  their college life. A delicious lunch was served to the HOD, faculty members and all S6 and S8 students of the Computer Science Department.

The program began with the entry of Arts Captain Aromal K Sudheer along with the HoD, faculty members and the students  carrying the Arts.The program formally commenced at 1:00 pm with a soulful prayer by Ragitha  and team (S6, CSE Dept) setting the tone for an auspicious occasion.Ms Ramani Bai V (HoD, CSE Dept) expressed both delight and sadness in her welcome speech for the farewell of senior students, conveying her joy for their accomplishments and growth while also expressing a tinge of sadness to let them go on their new journeys. Following the welcome speech,the tutors and teachers of the 2019-2023 batch delivered heartfelt speeches, reminiscing about shared experiences, expressing pride in their achievements, and bidding them a fond farewell as they embark on new endeavors.

A video showcasing the journey to winning the Arts Cup and various activities and events that took place in the academic year 2022-2023 was played,which allowed for reflection upon a series of remarkable accomplishments and milestones of the department. A captivating dance performance was showcased by Aditya Sunil  (S6, CSE Dept ) that mesmerized  the audience with skillful movements and vibrant choreography. Soon after the performance, refreshments were served which gave an opportunity for the students to take photos, write down memories in the memory book and look through the polaroids that were hanging in the room.

 An exclusive set of games was organized specifically for the seniors, creating a fun-filled atmosphere where they could bond, reminisce, and showcase their skills. These games provided a platform for the seniors to engage in friendly competition, enjoy nostalgic moments, and strengthen the special connections they had developed throughout their journey together. Another stunning dance performance by the girl  students of S6, left the audience enthralled with their graceful movements and synchronized choreography.

A  cake cutting ceremony was organized where the honor of cutting the cake was given to the Head of Dept, faulty members and the S8 students, signifying a collective celebration and farewell. A thoughtful gift in the form of a framed collection of various glimpses capturing the victorious moments of winning the arts cup was presented to the Head of Dept.The program came to a close with a touching moment as the Head of Dept and faculty members presented each S8 student with a special gift, that beautifully showcased the remarkable journey they embarked on throughout the year. This unique memento encapsulated memorable moments, achievements, and significant milestones, serving as a tangible reminder of their growth, perseverance, and accomplishments.

Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya  fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to the entire CSE Dept on the vibrant conduct of the function that added to the grandeur of the event !!!