Happy Onam 2023

Onam honors the legacy of a life of impartiality, unity and prosperity that trains us to unite by excelling in our differences and also speaks of a time when there was no inequality. Onam reaffirms the essential role of Mother Nature and the importance of our hardworking farmers

Kerala opened up the grand day on 28 August 2023 which spreads harmony in the society with an an exotic taste,delicate fragrances, and an enchanting display of splendor. People with new clothes and worship the Thrikkakara appan (Vaman Vishnu Idols).Different “Pookkalam”, and atmosphere fills with traditional Onam songs (Onappattukal) to welcome king Mahabali.The celebrations with entertaining events such tug of war, exotic Kaikottikali dance, Tripunithura Athachamayam processions, tableaus all are working towards maintaining the festivity cherished.

Onam is welcomed with a diverse range of activities and celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. The life of the festival lies in its cultural practices with a repertoire of events ranging from boat races, dance forms, florals, colourful art, food and traditional clothing.

Pulikali, Onathallu , Kummattikali, and Jalappooram : a peek into the glorious legacy of Thrissur
During the festival, the days are filled with folk performances, traditional dances and all kinds of celebrations in Thrissur.

Highlights amid the many conventional performances on display include the famous Pulikali or Tiger Dance where the performers will appear body-painted in bright colours to resemble tigers dancing to the beats of traditional drums. The best time and place to watch the Pulikali performers in action is on the fourth day of the Onam Festival on 31 August 2023 in Thrissur. This time Thrissur will resound with recreational folk art that include Onathallu, Kummattikali, Jalappooram in Kanoli Kanal etc.

On the propitious occasion of Onam that entails a string of customs and memories unique with indication of cheer, prosperity, and peace that lasts the whole year, the Editorial Team of News & Events wishes a very HAPPY ONAM 2023 to all .