Onam celebration 2023 with the most grandiose manner with much zeal and panache

Onam celebration brings in the best of festive spirit among the students of Vidya and is celebrated with much splendor on 26 August 2023.

Vidya resounded with drum beats and students were dressed up in traditional attires to celebrate Onam with all the pomp and gaiety.The Pookalam made by the departments indeed brought in the festive look of Onam.

Onam celebration helped the students to unite by excelling in our differences and also speaks of a time when there was no inequality. The students maintained the multi-cultural environment of the campus and exhibited some of the traditional art forms of Kerala.

Various departments of the college organised programmes to celebrate Onam this year with attractive titles ‘Thimirppu’ by AI ML Dept , Aarpo’ by CE Dept, ‘Olam’ by CSE Dept,PsychOnam by EEE Dept,Aaravam by ECE Dept and ‘Mechonam’ by ME Dept

All the departments elegantly presented the merriment that took place during this festival including that of intricately adorned Pookalam, a vast extend of the tasty Onasadya, the magnificent and exotic Kaikottikali dance, different kinds of competitions etc .

This celebratory day witnessed students placed their best foot forward to show up their rich cultural tradition through song, dance and the beats of the traditional drums etc . The serene Vidya bowed into a vivacious riot of colors and music and celebrated with a grandeur.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to all Vidya students on the successful conduct of Onam celebration that provides great extent re-positioned as a culturally inclusive event and entails a string of customs and memories unique to them !!!