Hearty Congratulations to Dean Academics on delivering a talk in the ISV international conference ‘SEFET 2023’

Inspiring and supporting the growth of neighboring skills to the deserving society, vocational, and community ventures consider as the vital key to the overall success of ISV activities at Vidya .

It is with great pride and honor, the Editorial Team of News & Events is sharing the news that Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Lead – Vocational Awareness, ISV South Asia WG, Dean Academics & Professor in EEE Dept) delivered a talk in the prestigious IEEE Smart Village (ISV) International Conference ‘SEFET 2023’ on Empowering Communities through Enterprise Development, Education and Technologies for Productive use of Energy’ held at the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER) in Bhubaneswar during 10-11 August 2023.

Vidya was the only teaching institution represented in the international conference where Dr Sudha delivered a talk about the activities for vocational awareness in the fourth Session titled “Education, Skill Building and Vocational Awareness for Community Development’ with a topic ‘Hands on Mode on the Road to Vocational Training of Children’ on 10 August 2023.

The session was well received by the participants and served as a deep passion for humanitarian work, but also the expertise, experience, wisdom, and time to commit in support of ISV program.

Hearty congratulations  !!!