CSE Dept Association Inauguration and Fresher’s Day bring uniqueness at its best with a host of splendid activities

In an exquisite celebration of academic year 2023, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) orchestrated the grandeur of “Association Inauguration and Fresher’s Day” on 05 October 2023. The event unfolded at the Pranavam Auditorium, resonating with the presence of Principal, luminaries of the CSE Department, revered faculty, and the vibrant student community.

The program commenced at 1 PM with a soulful prayer. The stage came alive with grace and artistry of a Ranga Pooja dance, a mesmerizing tribute by CSE talented students. Following this enchanting performance, a glimpse of the preceding academic year’s triumphs and milestones was presented, painting a vivid tapestry of our collective journey.

Dr Ramani Bai (HoD, CSE Dept) graced the occasion with a warm welcome, introducing the distinguished members of the 2023-2034 association. Dr Saji C B (Principal) gave the presidential address. He appreciated the legacy of CSE department in terms of its unity, achievement in curricular and co-curricular activities. He also wished the CSE community to scale up to greater heights in this academic year.

The ceremonial lighting of the traditional lamp marked the official commencement of the executive committee. With hands joined in promise, the association members pledged their unwavering dedication to the advancement of CSE. This sacred moment was followed by a profound inaugural address by the President of CSE, Razin Ahmad Abbas (S7 A) resonating with the spirit of progress and excellence.

CSE Dept Association 2023-24 Members
President Razin Ahmad Abbas , S7 Arts Captain Nidhin Das, S7
Secretary Appu K, S7 Vice Captain Angel Joy, S5  
Joint Secretary V S Swetha, S5   Sports Captain Abhinav M, S7
Vice President Abhishek C, S5 Vice Captain Ima T S, S7
Treasurer Neha Baju, S7 Media Head Abhinav A A, S7
Sub treasurer Gopika Babu, S7 Sub Head Swarag A R, S5
Tech Captain  Shanavas R S, S7 Tech Vice Captain Joel Joseph,S5

Following this was the ceremony of awarding the achievers of the department. Mr Paul Chackola( Head, Training and Placement) appreciated the efforts taken by the students of S7, to complete certification courses through the Infosys springboard portal. He gifted the students and spoke high about the students interests towards innovative learning. Later the auditorium reverberated with applause as the accomplishments of CSE department’s prodigious students were unveiled for various other programmes varying from sports to hackathons.

The students of S3 took a moment to gift the department a token of love. They gifted the Head of the department, a work crafted with love, a canvas of the handprints of the students of S3 in reminiscence of the Onam celebration – Olam’23, conducted on 26 August 2023.

A beacon of knowledge, Suryajit Sudheeran (S7, CSE Dept) enlightened the gathering with a captivating discourse on “BlockChain – A Self Start” a testament to the intellectual prowess within our ranks.

Gratitude flowed as V S Swetha (Joint Secretary , S5, CSE Dept) delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that brought this celebration to fruition. Then unfurled the cultural performances of all years, a joyful display of unity. The resonance of laughter and music filled the air, creating memories that shall forever be remembered by the students. Lastly, an energetic DJ session ignited the evening, casting a vibrant glow marking the end of the celebration.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest congratulation to the new CSE Association Panel Members and wishing all the best to cohesively take forward the illustrious legacy of CSE that aligns with institutional insights and culture !!!