ADVIKA 2023-24 logo and poster releasing ceremony marks the vibrant beginning of a complete celebration of arts and cultural extravaganza

The venue was adorably elegant and to unwind and revel in moments of happiness reflected in an unprecedented style. ADVIKA arts festival organized during 06-07 November 2023 at Vidya that transform the true spirit of festival into a venue prepared for the complete celebration of arts.Dr. Saji C B (Principal) released the logo of ADVIKA Arts Festival.

Adithyan M S  (S3 CSE Dept )
Suryajith Sudheeran (S7 CSE Dept)

 Adityan M S (S3, CSE Dept) designed the logo that unleashed his ingenuity for designing an exceptional logo in lieu of , spirited, stimulating and refreshing expressions of extracurricular talents. The poster was designed by Suryajit Sudheeran (S7, CSE Dept) that marks to encourage the companionship of ideas , creativity and contemporary expressions in the arts.

The Senate Conveners Ms Anooja V S (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Sangeeth K K (Asst Prof, ME Dept), Rohit Shankar (Chairman, S7, ME Dept), Executive Members Sneha (S7, CE Dept), Akhil (S5, CSE Dept), Rishi (S5, CE Dept), Akshai S5, CE Dept),Ashwathi (S7, ECE Dept),Nandana (S5, CE Dept),Vishnu N M (S7, CSE Dept),Anchal (S7, ME Dept) and Ashwin (S3, MCA Dept) were also present at the launch.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty congratulations to Adityan and Suryajit on this creativity that transforms the true spirit of ADVIKA 2023-24 set up for a complete celebration of arts, transforming the true spirit of the festival into opportunities.
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