ADVIKA 2023-24 marks a vibrant tapestry of literary brilliance and performance, impeccably interwoven with contemporary art forms

ADVIKA 2023-24′ –arts festival held at Vidya during 06-07 November 2023, marked unique for its diversity in the different types of competition, the festival  turned into a cultural gathering, that has been used by the younger minds for novelty, social criticism and innovation using various art forms. The basic students’ nature to unwind and revel in moments of happiness reflected in an unprecedented style when Vidya conducted  arts festival ADVIKA 2023-24


60+competitions were staged in two days at various venues.Thirty-one acts performed at various venues on the first day, with costumes that could chill the eyes of the audience with the performance of Thiruvathira, Arabana, Kolkali, Margamkali, Mime, Drama, Panchavadyam, Mappilapat, Mimicry, Monoact, Kadhaprasangam, Patriotic song, Lalithagaanam and Folk Dance.

The students also showcased their talents in cultural, literary and artistic events representing diverse, regional and linguistic backgrounds including that of Vatta Patt, Opana, Daffmut, Sangaganam, Kathakali Music, Padya Parayanam, Western Music, Nadan Pattu, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam in the second day

Another  vital factor of the festival was the array of events that displayed more vigor and zest cutting across, region and language. The art forms including Thiruvathira, Margamkali Arabana, Thayambaka, Kolkali, , Mime, Poorakkali, Parichamut, Chenda Melam, , Drama, Panchavadyam, Mappilapat, Mimicry, Monoact, Kadhaprasangam, Patriotic song, Lalithagaanam . Traditional dance forms created a colorful spectacle for the eyes of the art connoisseurs with a variety of costumes. Folks dressed in colorful clothes opened the stage with bamboo baskets and straw umbrellas

The students participated in the items like Poorakkali, Parichamut, Chenda Melam, Thayambaka, with the idea of learning a unique art form, succeeding, enjoying, entertaining and helping to preserve the cultural heritage of their country, were a new experience for the audience. The diversity continued with the competitions include light music, flute, , mimicry, Carnatic music, violin, panchavadyam- an orchestra of five instruments including percussion and wind, nadodi nritham- a tribal folk dance form in Kerala, and Quiz.

Oration competitions include Arabic, Tamil, besides Malayalam, English and Hindi. Displaying more vigor and zest , Ganamela competition showcases the students’ orchestrations and vocal talents. 

Wishes from Prominent Personalities

Greeting videos of Mr Rafeeq Ahmed (famous lyricist and state award winner), Mr Priyanandan (film director and social activist), Mr Biju Sopanam (Cine Artist), Ms Nisha Sarang (Cine Artist), Ms Diana Hameed (Cine Artist) and Mr Sinoj (Cine Artist), who have created a great response among family audiences in the film and television sector have enthused the students.

Advika 2023-24 Team 

Advika 2023-24 was organized to create student participation and unity under the leadership of Vidya Senate Convenors Ms Anooja V S (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Sangeeth K K (Asst Prof, ME Dept) with reverberating support from staff members, Abhiram (Arts Club Secretary) and student volunteers who exhibited administrative capacity, team work and commitment that topped off the arts festival a resonant triumph. The conduct of events has won laurels for the hassle-free perform of competitions across different locations.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to Ms Anooja, Mr Sangeeth, staff members and student co-ordinators and all the participants on the successful conduct of Advika 2023-24 that serves as an ideal platform to showcase artistic talent of engineering minds in recognizing and celebrating humanity !!!
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