FOSSers Club ‘s initiative to empower students with Linux Expertise

With an aim to familiarize students with the principles of open source software and to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Linux operating system, FOSSers (Free and Open Source Software users Club) conducted two-hour hands-on session for Semester One MCA students on 16 December 2023. Mr Sajay K R (Convenor, FOSSers Club, Asso Prof, MCA) led the session. The session focused on introducing the Linux operating system and imparting essential command-line skills.

Session Highlights
– Engaging overview of the open-source philosophy and its significance in the tech industry.
– Step-by-step guidance on Linux installation, accompanied by practical demonstrations.
– In-depth exploration of basic Linux commands, covering file operations, directory navigation, and user permissions.
– Q&A sessions encouraging active participation and addressing students’ queries.

The session witnessed enthusiastic participation from MCA students, fostering a deeper understanding of Linux and command-line interfaces. Students gained practical insights into the world of open-source software and acquired valuable skills essential for their academic and professional journey.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Mr Sajay and team and all the best to set with a key goal of nurturing the use of free open source software in the midst of students !!!