‘VYVIDH 2024’ first phase kicked off with the launch of its website by Thrissur District Collector Mr Krishna Teja IAS

Vidya’s annual technical and cultural festival with an aim to kindling the different talents of students commenced the first phase with a memorable event.

The launching of website served an incredible event for Vidya students that an eminent personality and an engineer with profound expertise and leadership who has been inspiring the countless younger minds, Mr Krishna Teja IAS (Thrissur District Collector),unveiled the brochure and website of VYVIDH 2024’ and sets the perfect tone for the Techfest activities.

Mr Krishna Teja performed the official website launching ceremony of Vidya’ s techfest – ‘Vyvidh 2024’ at the Chamber of District Collector on 09 February 2024.The Collector also released the first copy of brochure.The students were welcomed with an amiable attitude followed by a variety of questions on the different features of Vyvidh ’24 and various courses offered by Vidya. Mr Krishna Teja gave a message also .

The whole two days technological extravaganza Techfest aims to take a deep dive into enlightening the students with the power of knowledge, which is scheduled on 29 February – 01 March 2024 by the students from all the branches in the college. After the releasing ceremony, the  first copy was received by Dr Saji C B (Principal) in a simple function held at Principal’s Office.

VYVIDH 2024 – Website

The website of Vyvidh 2024, designed by Anurag Chandra (S8 , CSE Dept), can be accessed at
VYVIDH 2024 – Brochure

The brochure designed by Adithyan M S (S4, CSE Dept is available at the link below:

vyvidh24 Brochure

A peek into the show
 Main events
AVISHKAR Project Expo for Diploma, B Tech , M Tech and MCA students with prize money worth Rs 10, 000/-
IDEATHON Brainstorm innovative ideas for complex probelms  with prize money worth Rs 10,000/-
EXPREMIERE Paper Presentation competition with prize money worth Rs 6,000/-
NAVAYUVA Project Expo for HS & HSS students with prize money worth Rs 6, 000/-
Department Events
Exploring the Frontiers of AI: Where Innovation Meets Intelligence ‘EMMERSO’  AIML Dept
Building Tomorrow’s Resilience: Unveiling Sustainable Horizons in Civil Engineering  ‘VASTATVA CE Dept
eSports Tournament , An ultimate fusion of precision and strategy  ‘RESPAWN’ CSE Dept
The current of creativity starts here  ‘ELECSPIRE ‘ EEE Dept
Unleash the Thrill: Dive into the World of RC Cars at Our Expo  ‘HAULIN’TORQUE’ ECE Dept
Unravel the enigmatic allure of Cybersecurity  ‘ADWAITHA MCA Dept
Ultimate Motor Show: Discovering the Automotive Marvels ‘AGNICHAKRA’ ME Dept

Ms Siji K B (Asst Prof, MCA, Convener, Vyvidh), Mr Kiran Babu A R (Asst Prof, CE Dept, Joint Convener),Ms Surabhi M S (Asst Librarian, Media Convener),Vishnu N M (Media Student Co-ordinator, S8 CSE Dept), Anurag Chandra (S8, CSE Dept), Adithyan M S(S4, CSE Dept), Sreeranjini Sreekumar (S8, CE Dept) and Neeraj Kaippara (S6, ME Dept) attended the function.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to ‘Vyvidh 2024’ team and wishing all the best to the brightest minds from all prestigious institutions to develop and showcase their technical skill, expertise, innovations and inventions !!!