Vidya’s techno cultural fest VYVIDH 2K24 weaved a tapestry of innovative ideas, artistic expression and camaraderie

Budding engineers exhibited their skillfulness in a plethora of events intended to keep fit their brains. The two day technical extravaganza VYVIDH 2K24 organized by the students from all the branches of Vidya during 29 February – 01 March 2024 switched a series of events including that of expo related to artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML Dept), Self-made low-cost suspension bridge (CE Dept), Kerala’s second largest LAN event Esports tournament ‘Respawn (CSE Dept), new experience of the electrical genre, transported to the world of the beloved web series and witnessing a high voltage magical arc ‘ELECSPIRE’ (EEE Dept), a variety of remote-controlled (RC) vehicles and thrilling displays of precision driving, aerial acrobatics, and high-speed action ‘HAULIN’TORQU’ (ECE Dept), a new experience to car and bike lovers in ‘Agni Chakra’, super bikes and super cars like AUDI R8, BMW F90 BAGGED, TOYOTA CELICA and NISSAN 350Z, (ME Dept), cyber security stealth vigilance innovation with the aim of imparting the latest innovations and new knowledge of power sector to the common man ‘ADWAITHA’ (MCA) which left the participants enormously satisfied.

Coupled with an extremely appreciated project expo ‘AVISHKAR’,’IDEATHON’,‘EXPRIMERE’– a paper presentation competition, Cultural extravaganza’ Open Style Battle Dance Competition’ the techfest has become even more magnificent and elegant.

Dr Saji C B (Principal) and Mr Manoj Chalakkal (PTA President) jointly inaugurated the event. Dr Sunitha C (Vice Principal, Professor & Head, AIML Dept Heads of Departments, staff members and students charmed the inauguration with their presence.

A few days earlier, ‘VYVIDH 2024’ first phase kicked off with the launch of its website by Thrissur District Collector Mr Krishna Teja IAS on 09 February 2024, and released the brochure.

AVISHKAR – Project Expo : With an aim to perform the students of various streams on a general platform where they are encouraged to share knowledge and innovative ideas, a pivotal part of VYVIDH 2K24 ‘Avishkar – Project Expo’ unfolded on 29 February 2024. The event showcased a diverse array of projects which displayed the skills of promising talents.

A total of 29 teams, all hailing from Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, participated in Avishkar. A distinguished panel comprising six faculty members representing various engineering disciplines meticulously evaluated the projects.

Position Project  Winners
First               AI Exercise Monitoring System Joel Sabu Jubin, Baby, Febin Rajan & Bind VB
Second      Automatic Parking Space Detection  Adnan Mohamed Reas, Elvin Jimmy P & Akhla Suresh Kumar
Third   Geo Polymer Brick Arnal Krishna K J & Bhuwan K S

The event was successfully co-ordinated by Mr Arun Xavier (Staff Co-Ordinator, Asst. Prof, EEE Dept) and Ajith Sanjay (Student Co-Ordinator S8, ME Dept) and Albino Shaju (Student Co-Ordinator S8, ECE Dept) along with Avishkar Team Volunteers.

EXPRIMERE  – Paper Presentation Competition : The much-awaited “EXPREMIERE” Paper Presentation with a topic Event commenced on 29 February 2024. With the enthusiastic participation of students, the event unfolded smoothly. A total of 23 teams participated in the event showcasing the talent and intellect within our institution. Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean – Academics) and Dr Shameem S (Asst. Prof, CSE Dept)  who lent their expertise to evaluate the presentations.

After a day filled with captivating presentations and insightful discussions, the winners were announced

Position Winners
First              Siddharth  (S8, ME Dept)
Second      Susan P Babu and Megha Raj (S8, CSE Dept)
Third    Deena Jaleel (MCA)

The event was organized by Ms Jensy Babu (Staff Co-Ordinator, Asst. Prof, CSE Dept) and Uthara Sunil Kumar (Student Co-Ordinator,  S8, CSE Dept) with the help of Central Committee  Volunteers.


Ideathon, a brainstorming event where participants from diverse backgrounds and interests come up with innovative ideas to solve a complex, specific real-world problem was held as part of Vyvidh’24 in association with IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre) on 01 March 2024

A total of 15 teams registered, totaling 56 participants. Due to the number of registrations, an online round was conducted to shortlist the number of teams to 9 teams. These 9 teams were asked present their ideas in-person in front of expert panel of judges. The judges presiding over Ideathon Event were Dr Reji C Joy (HoD of MCA) and Dr Mary P Varghese (HoD , EEE Dept).The 9 teams were present during the event and each present their ideas with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. Themes of the Ideathon ranged from Emerging Technologies to Open Categories, and was up to the teams to choose.

Following the conclusion of the event, the judges meticulously evaluated all entries based on the established criteria and subsequently announced the winners

Prize Name Semester and Branch
First  Sakthi S and Krishnaveni VB  S8 ECE
Second  Nikitha P, Mohammed Nidhal Padinjareveetil, Neeraj V M, Nishanth Kiran K  S8 ECE
Third  Vaanisha Murali, Vismaya N Sasi, Vipanchika V S, Silpa V S  S8 ECE

Ms Salkala K S (Staff Co-Ordinator Asst Prof, MCA)  served as staff co-ordinator. Ajay James (Student Co-Ordinator, S4, MCA) and Sinan Sulaiman (IEDC student  co-ordinator , S6 ME Dept) co-ordinated the event with the help of student volunteers, Vishnu K K (S4, EEE Dept) and Libin N S (S4, EEE Dept).

 Cultural extravaganza’ OpenStyle dance competition 

OpenStyle dance competition by D’Addiction Team (Dance Club of Vidya) was a spectacular and enchanting dance competition that overwhelmed by the response. Vidya witnessed exceptional hidden talents who danced their hearts out on the perfect platform. Under the discerning judgment of Sarang, the event featured Parveen Das as the engaging anchor and Earnest Ignus as the dynamic DJ, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement.

Prize winners 
Prize Winner
First  Zee Breaker
Second  Anandhu Vijayan

The stunning performance of D’Addiction Team showed the spectators a burning passion for dance and received several accolades and critical acclaim

The event was held under the guidance of  staff coordinator Ms  Aprna Balan  (Asst Prof, AIML Dept) with the support of  Sangeeth (S8,CE Dept) and Reshma (S8, CSE Dept) as student co-ordinators.


Best Dept  Pavilion Award

The Dept of Civil Engineering won prestigious Best Dept Pavilion Award, a testament to their exceptional hardwork set up a themed stall in the techfest as a glimpse of Civil Engineering filed that earned them a commendable reward of 5k.

The whole event VYVIDH 2K24 was co-ordinated by Ms Siji K B (Convener, Vyvidh 2K24, Asst Prof, MCA) and Mr Kiran Babu A R (Asst Prof, CE Dept, Joint Convener) with the wholehearted support of Central Committee,Dept Committee Co-ordinators and student volunteers.
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity  in extending hearty congratulations to Ms Siji, Mr Kiran Central Committee and Dept Committee Co-ordinators and student volunteers on the triumphant conduct of VYVIDH  2K24 that enables participants  to experience various fields of research, innovation and entrepreneurship and help them cultivate and foster their friendships with their peers !!!
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