Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics) – an iconic symbol of wisdom and enlightenment bids adieu to Vidya

Dr Sudha Balagopalan

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics), the Torchbearer, who bears the glow that never extinguishes and a beacon of strength and knowledge steps down after 20 years of service at Vidya.

With a long history as a technical education trailblazer,Dr Sudha strengthened Vidya in various capacities and provided leadership within and outside the campus on various research activities, academic programs, extension services, and several outreach initiatives.She rose to the occasions at hard times and prepared Vidya for new beginnings with elegance.Her role in Vidya as a motivator and mentor deserves special mention.

She is a fervent teacher and an embodiment of academic excellence with more than 20 years of experience in teaching. Dr Sudha joined as a Lecturer in 2003 and has imparted the right knowledge and skills to the students.Vidya acknowledged her hard work by promoting her to the position of Professor & Head of the EEE Dept on August 01, 2008.Later, Dr Sudha took over as the Principal of the institution on April 30, 2012 and accomplished many pathbreaking achievements during her tenure.Vidya became a fortification of knowledge and insight for all under her leadership which inspired others to strive to perform their duties better by working as a team.

Since July 2018, Dr Sudha has been entrusted with the responsibility as the Dean-Academics and her energy & enthusiasm contributed highly in moulding our students as socially committed engineers, who are capable of assuming leadership in their respective domains.

Important Boards / Committees Served
As an eminent professor, she has been popular among the academic as well as the scientific community in various roles including that as the member of the  Board of Studies of Engineering (PG) in KTU, Member of the Board of Studies (Engineering – PG) of Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous), Kottayam, Research Supervisor of the University, judge in the IGNITE 2022 competition, KTU’s syllabus committee member for first year and reviewer for EEE, contributor to MTech regulation and syllabus,Evaluator of several projects as the jury of AICTE TOY HACKATHON, member of Prof Anil Gupta (IIM)’s group, YIP (K-DISK), IGNITE (NSS CoE alumni), questions paper setter and reviewer for ASLAP (AICTE initiative as a finishing school assessment)etc.Students acquired new knowledge and advancing their understanding of technology with her initiative ‘Minor projects with first years –‘VTHINC.Sessions on research and project proposal writing, projects taken up around the world, supporting alumni projects,organizing  3 PQ training camps and services as the reviewer in reputed journals and conferences are also in her list of contributions to the academic community.
Organizer of International Conference series EPSCICON
Dr Sudha’s sense of dedication to provide high-quality education in line with the recent developments, equipped Vidya students with the skills and knowledge . That resulted the successful conduct of International conference on Power, Signals, Controls & Computation, EPSCICON during the years 2010, 2012 and 2014 with the technical sponsorship by IEEE PES and archiving in IEEEXplore and received funding support from acclaimed organizations like AICTE, NBHM of DAE, KSCSTE, CSIR and ISTE.
Citadel of knowledge and motivation with IEEE activities
Dr Sudha has put together on the leadership and vision of Vidya with an international collaboration, that produced several platforms for students to attend various workshops, training sessions, competitions etc.She took teaching as her passion and provided our students with the best possible opportunities to excel for serving and leading in Vidya and beyond. Students’ participation in the prestigious IEEE Smart Village (ISV) International Conference ISV international conference ‘SEFET 2023, in Bhubaneswar, IEEE Smart Village IdeaRun 2023 conference, hands-on experience to learn and implement API Knowledge, Cluster War CASTRIX, hands-on session on “UI/UX Designing and Prototyping”mentor for different project and idea competitions like, global Humanitarian Technology Project Design (HTPD) Competition , different kinds of Membership Development Sessions, IEEE’s PES Quiz, Empowerment programs in IEEE Smart Village, hosted by IEEE Smart Village South Asia WG , vocational Awareness session at GHS Thayyur , Sree Durga Vilasam HSS, Peramangalam, Ala U P School, Kothaparambu are also enlisted in her bag of contributions
Lead – Vocational Awareness, ISV South Asia WG
Vidya has been selected as Nodal Centre for IEEE Smart Village (ISV) and Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics & Professor in EEE Dept) was honored with the role as Lead – Vocational Awareness, ISV South Asia WG considering her stupendous efforts towards leading all kinds of ISV initiatives. All these accolades were to empower school students from the weaker sections of the society and a wide range of vocational awareness programs were conducted at SoS Village, Mulayam by Vidya staff members and students under her leadership. The operations were being extended to 15 schools in Tamilnadu and Orissa. Eco Revive Tech’: E-Waste transformation initiative through the children from a slum of Bhubaneshwar was another initiative.Her interests towards enabling students for higher studies resulted in many students qualifying the GATE exams.She shared her prestigious stints in shaping the younger minds in an interview on YouTube channel ‘Ones Coaching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVhxOUILlic&t=1989s
Resource person in prestigious National and International venues
Dr Sudha enhanced our educational environment to encourage creativity and continuous learning by serving as resource person for various sessions including, ‘A Journey From Vision To Realization”, Let’s go WEE – Waste Erased Environment”, game theory in IEEE Intersociety, and several KTU sponsored  several FDPs. Dr Sudha has presented and published papers in many international conferences and conference proceedings. She has also attended and delivered Invited Talks in the sessions like  IEEE Entrepreneurship Workshop & IEEE Smart Village Conference & Power Africa Conference @ Marrakech, Morocco, ISV international conference ‘SEFET 2023, international conclave ‘EmpowerHER – Egypt Program ‘ etc
ROOTS’ Scholarship Scheme
The ride to the virtuous venture‘ROOTS’ instituted by the Alumni of the EEE Dept to nurture gifted and  deserving students by assisting them financially, academically and professionally for a great future was pretty long, with many obstacles and detours but after countless challenges. But its finally concluded to fruition of ROOTS’ Edition 1 and 2 with the successful efforts of EEE alumni under the earnest leadership of Dr Sudha Balagopalan. 
Dr Sudha with an impressive background
In 1980, she joined BARC, Trombay as the Scientific Officer (Engineer).She has also worked at EPCO-Kuwait, a company that manufactures electrical panels, as a Design Engineer.In 1998 she served Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) as the Assistant Engineer.She is the Fellow of MIEEE, MIET and life member of ISTE.Dr Sudha secured her PhD from NIT Calicut (Power Systems), while in service,with commendable excellence..
Profound Poetess, Outstanding Orator, Voracious Reader and Chief Editor
Amalgamating a passion for teaching that too in technical filed, and an interest in writing beautiful poems  would  be quite complex, but Dr Sudha considers it is an ideal blend to combine her passions.Her unwavering commitment and vision have steered the publication of Vidya College magazine to fruition for several years. An avid book lover who reads many fiction and nonfictions,Dr. Sudha voiced her ingenious ideas with diligence and shines as Best Orator in many competitions during her school and college times. Active in literature, she was the  winner in versification at school and university level . 
Family as a steadfast pillar of power and strength
Dr Sudha’s parents (Late Col. Chandrasekharan and Late Padmavathy) roles were instrumental in shaping her values, beliefs, behavior and learned powerful lessons while navigating life’s challenges. Dr Sudha’s husband Late Balagopalan’s unwavering support, his willingness and warmth towards all her all activities served her as a catalyst and strengthened her potential power in various capacities. Dr Sudha with strong support of her husband always shown an outstanding legacy of magnanimity, compassion, and intelligent foresight to uphold the traditions and for the benefit of our students and the needy society.Scholarships, financial assistance to deserving students, home for homeless to Ms Jincy and her children etc served  as an inspiration to  all  in building a strong connection and giving back to our society.With their positive parenting, their daughters Dr Sonia Balagopalan and Ms Aswathy Balagopalan and their spouses instilled moral values, good manners and discipline.Dr Sudha enjoys her new role as grandmother with one year old grand daughter Sameera.
Farewell to Dr Sudha arranged by Principal’s Office
Principal’s Office arranged a farewell function in the Principal’s Cabin on 05 April 2024. Dr Saji C B (Principal), Mr Suresh Lal (Executive Director, VICT) , all heads of academic departments attended the function. All the attendees reminisced about Dr Sudha’s exemplary contributions and wealth of knowledge that helped overall growth of Vidya. A memento was presented as a token of gratitude and respect to Dr Sudha. Dr Sudha recollected meaningful relationships with all Vidya members and expressed the privilege of interacting to work together in future .
EEE Dept pays earnest tribute to Dr Sudha
An academician and a good teacher who never desired to climb big ladders alone but contributed extremely to the academic living of students as well as to the staff members in various ways, Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics) with various capacities (including that as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor & Head of the EEE Dept) have been intricately involved in shaping the future of many members in EEE Dept and the future for students is as bright embedded in the exciting and developing area.A gathering was organized by EEE Dept on 5th April, 2024 to pay a heartfelt homage to their own dearest Sudha Miss with genuine reverence.All the staff members highlighted Dr Sudha’s exemplary virtues and her priceless support throughout her tenure. Subsequently, they presented a gift to Dr Sudha in gratitude of her devoted service. Dr Sudha expressed her thankfulness to all faculty and support staff, reflecting on her experiences and the proficient associations she cherished.
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending deepest gratitude to Dr Sudha,who lived a quality academic life at Vidya with Good Policies & Principles. We wish her all the best for all her future endeavors. Your views and advices realize our shared vision of accomplishing even greater heights in the years to come!!!